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Club and Month-end Activities – July 2015

Club Activities

Little chef Club:

Salad Making Activity.

The in charge of this club conducted salad making activity for class VI students during the club activity hrs. As per the instructions the students had brought fruits like apple, banana, chickoo, custard apple, guava etc. As the students were divided into different groups they discussed and shared their ideas and discussed about the preparation. Finally each group explained and discussed the nutritive value. This activity enabled the students to develop the skills like observation, coordination and creativity.

Little Scientist’s Science club

The club in charge Mrs. Sangita conducted science quiz in the AV room. Students of class Viii and X were grouped house wise. The Quiz was conducted in eight rounds based on inventions, discoveries, deficiency diseases, units of different terms, formulae for different terms and round based on descriptive questions. The students enjoyed the activity. It enables them to develop the knowledge of science and gain confidence. The students emphasized on the skills like team work, co-ordination and time-management.

Adventure Club:

The adventure club conducted the tug of war activity for class VI students on the ground. In the beginning the teacher chose four leaders and asked them to form their groups. Then the teacher explained the rules and gave them instructions about the activity and asked the group leaders toe plan their strategies. The students enthusiastically participated in this activity, enjoyed it and realized the importance of values like unity trust and team spirit. This activity also enabled them to understand importance of the skills like physical strength, determination , perseverance and concentration.

Literature Club:

To develop the students interest in “literature” the club had organized language Quiz Master and chose four leaders for the four houses as ruby emerald coral and sapphire. All the participated in this activity. Avdhoot as the quiz Master performed responsibly and conducted various rounds based on part of speech, word formation, spellings, pronunciations, idioms and phrases, antonyms and synonyms figures of speech and books and authors. These rounds had simple as well as high order thinking questions. In short this activity enabled the students develop their confidence, team spirit and knowledge of literature

Month End Activities

Activity: Documentary show on Late Dr APJ Abdul Kalam [ Classes: VI to VIII]

As a tribute to Late Dr. Abdul Kalam, the former President of India and to introduce the students with his inspiring life story, the school had organised a documentary show for students of VI ,VII and VIII on July month end. The pupils even heard the audio ‘Meri Kahaani, Gulzaar Ki Jubani’ based on his biography. The video and the audio helped pupils understand how even a common man like him can rise to the highest position with one’s hard efforts, perseverance, curiosity, dedication and intelligence. Dr. Kalam’s struggle in life, his trust and confidence in the Indian youth and his earnest desire to make India a super power, developed a great respect and admiration towards him and brought a shine in the eyes of the students.

Activity : Collage Work

[ Class: IV and V]

The demise of Dr. Abdul Kalam, the President and Missile Man of India, grieved one and all on Monday, 27th July, 2015. As a tribute, the students of class IV and V devoted the July month-end activity –collage work, to this great son of Mother India. As per the instructions the students had come prepared with information about him in the form of clippings of newspaper articles, poems, slogans, quotes, pictures and biographies. The students grouped under the house titles as Ruby, Sapphire, Coral and Emerald, displayed the information on chart papers in a systematic and well organized manner. The students read out the information and the teacher threw light on the great work of this Hero. The teachers examined the presentation of each group and graded them as follows in the light of the criteria as Team Work, Richness of Content, Creativity, Originality and Aesthetic skills:

Social Awareness Activity

[Class IX and X]

On 30th July the students of class IX and X visited Adgaon village of Rahata Taluka to create an awareness among the people there about the life and work of Dr. Abdul Kalam, the late President of India. After reaching there at 8.00 a.m. the students along with three teachers visited each house and invited the residents for the programme at the Hanuman Temple. The Police Patil and one of the senior citizens of the village graced the occasion as the guests of the programme. After garlanding the portrait , Avdhoot Jadhav accompanied by four students of class x presented a self-composed Powada (a Ballad) on the life of Dr. Kalam and Suyog Jare of class X explained the same to the audience in local language. Students like Priyanka Waghmare, Dnyaneshwari Raut, Komal Shelke and Venkatesh Kulkarni through their speeches introduced the people with his family life, childhood, youth and his work as scientist and the President of India. Venkatesh acquainted the people with his inspiring books and his strong belief in the youth of this land. As a tribute to him he got his poems recited. The students raised the hoardings and enchanted slogans and the great thoughts of Dr. Kalam. Finally the Police Patil appreciated the students of our school for the awareness programme and called upon the villagers and the students of the local high school to follow the message of Dr. Kalam as a tribute to him. After the national Anthem the programme came to an end and all the students reported back to school at 12.00 p.m.

VIII} Field Visits:

Field Visit To Slum Area in Dadh

[Class IX and X]

As a part of Integrated project on the themes like ‘People’[IX] and ‘Health’[X] and to introduce the students with the harsh realities of the life in slums, the school had organized a field visit for class IX and X to the slum area of Dadh village on 24th July 2015 in the morning at 9.15 a.m. The students divided into several groups interacted effectively with the families of different strata of society. This visit provided the students an opportunity to establish closeness with these people and study the problems faced by them. Each group had a healthy interaction with the families there and made them frankly share their problems like limited space, congested houses, lack of proper washrooms, improper drainages, illiteracy, reasons of dropouts, limited sources of income etc. During their interaction, the pupils took photographs with them and collected the necessary evidences for their project. Finally all the pupils gathered in the temple hall of Mukund Maharaj and shared their experiences. In short this visit enabled the students study their life style and know the causes of social and economic backwardness.

X}Workshops :

Sahodaya Workshp for Secondary Section

On July 15, 2015, one- day -workshop on PSA, OTBA, ASL and Evidences of Assessment was organised between 9 a.m. to 3 p .m. by Sahodaya, Pune for the teachers of class IX and X. Around three hundred teachers of English, Science, Maths and Social Science belonging to different CBSE schools of Pune and suburbs had attended the workshop at SNBP School, Rahatne. In the beginning Mr. Akash Chowksey introduced the teachers with the need, objectives and format of PSA .Further the teachers were guided through a demo about preparing the students for OTBA.. The queries about how to assess students during the ASL were solved .The resource persons also guided about evidences of assessment, break up of marks , rubrics used, no. of activities to be conducted , photographs, CDs format of report and procesurepacking of the same.

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