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Club and Month end Activities – July 2014

The club activities conducted on 19th July, 2014.

Dramatics Club

To make the club activity interesting the felicitators decided to teach them the use of puppets. This was the way to introduce the dramatic performing art to the students .As many were not aware of the story- Goldilocks And The Three Bears ,Mrs. Karishma narrated the story to refresh their little minds. Later the students were shown the use of puppets and also exhibited by performing and portraying emotions.

The students were eager and excited as each one had a chance to come forward, feel the puppets and display their role. They were taught to have voice variation according to the characters.

Mulberry Gourmet Club

Bored with the usual bread-butter, bread-jam? The students of the ‘Mulberry Gourmet Club’ started the new session with easy solutions for quick, filling and healthy sandwiches to change our weekly routine. The breakfast boredom was banished with the simple ‘Corn Sandwich’. The aspiring budding chefs divided themselves into groups, namely: Mango Fills, Icy Milkshake, Creamy Cherry, Magical Apples, Choco Fun, and Little Strawberry.

Each student participated enthusiastically in preparing their own sandwiches. A detailed discussion on corn and the other ingredients took place during preparation.

Astronomy Club

The club activity started with a cartoon movie from www.makemegenius.com related to an introduction to the solar system.Students were then shown a video which explained the reason as to why Pluto is no more a part of the planetary family, instead it is called as a ‘dwarf planet’.

Followed by the video, there was a discussion where the students cleared their doubts related to dwarf planet with the help of the coordinator.

One more video related to art from www.artattack.com was shown to the students where they learnt how to make a ‘cap of planet’.

Students enthusiastically worked towards completing the task.

Rhythmic Moves

The activities began with a warm up session for the senior and the junior group.

The senior group were taught steps on the song –“Ye Jo deshhaimera” from the movie Swades. The dance form taught was-“Contemporary dance.”

The in charges of the primary group showed a video to the students. The video was based on the instrumental music piece from the movie Ice Age3. After that the students were taught steps on the same music piece. The dance form was -Freestyle dance. In the end few students taught the other members few different steps which they knew. All other members followed them very carefully.

All the students from both the groups enjoyed the activity thoroughly and participated very enthusiastically.


The first group of students from Std I to Std IV had made beautiful paper baubles. They were first given directions by the teacher about the activity. Later the students of Std I and II were assisted by the teachers. All the students enjoyed flaunting their creation.

Group II which consisted of students from Std 5 onwards were engrossed in making beautiful stain glass painting. They were given a choice to select their own pictures for the art, thus allowing them to enjoy their creation. Their amazing art work and their skill displayed their imagination and creativity.

Geo Heritage

The club activity we went to visit the heritage spot of Pune City, the Aga Khan Palace. We went inside the palace where Gandhi ji, his wife kasturba Gandhi, his secretary Mahadev Desai and Sarojini Naidu was interned from August 9, 1942 to May6, 1944 following the launch of Quit India Movement. Mahadevbhai and Kasturba passed away while in captivity at the Agakhan palace and their samadhis are located in the campus, situated near the River Mula, the palace is a simple memorial to Gandhi and his life. This palace was built in 1892 by Imam Sultan Muhammad Shah Agakhan III. He was elected as the President of the League of Nations in 1938 and was well renowned in the field of politics and sports. The palace was later donated to India by Aga Khan IV in 1969 as a mark of respect to Gandhiji and his philosophy.

There a lady named Neelam Mahajan narrated the entire history about the place. We saw the samadhis and paid our homage to those great people. Students were happy to see the national monument.

Nature and Adventure

The members of the nature and adventure club decided to trek up famous Karla Caves. We had reached the foot of Karla Caves by 8:00. It was drizzling when we got there, so we took a quick break to have our breakfast which consisted of Green pea poha.

Then, the climb of stairs began. All of us were in high spirits as we started out, but half way up, a few of us began to slow down, though some were relentless right till they reached the top. We took a tour of the caves and temple built there so many years ago.

The climb down was not very easy either as the step were slightly inclined and slippery due to the incessant drizzle.

Children were wet, tiered, and hungry so without delay we settled them down in the bus and provided with the lunch

finally, it was time to come back. The children had a field day and were enriched by their fun – learning experience of the day.

Needle work

We taught our children two different types of stitches. First was the chain stitch and the second was stem stitch.

A flower with a stem was drawn on a white cloth and the students did chain stitch on the flower and stem stitch on the stem. All the students showed keen interest in learning the stitch. Children found it bit difficult to cope up with the chain stitch. Few could complete the stitch.


The session started with Mrs Harmeet Raghuvanshi explaining energy and simple machines followed by Mr.Prajapati who explained the algorithms and flowcharts. Then Mr. Mitra explained driven and driving gears to the children.

Mr. Sambharkar explaining mechanical structures. Then came the moment the students were eagerly waiting for. Our principal Mrs. Bhosale came and officially cut the Lego Mindstorm case which contained the parts of the robot. Mr. Mitra showed a presentation on the 5 robots to be made during the club activities.

Once the children settled Mrs. Swapna Nair continued the session by explaining the basic concepts of algebra and ratio required for the calculations in robotics. We then had a couple of our master minds show us the robots they created using waste materials. Mohnish and Khushi from STDV showed the rest of the class how their robots worked leaving everyone mighty impressed with their talent.

It was an informative and exciting session for the students and they left eager for the next activity day where they could start assembling the robot.

The Month end activity was conducted on 31st July, 2014.

STD I: Show And Tell

The students were asked to bring their favourite toy and speak

five sentences on it. The students were called one by one and

were given a minute to talk about the toy they liked. The students

were very excited and some were shy too. A leeway

of 10 seconds was given to few who were unable to frame

sentences. It was a fun activity in which all the students

participated and also enjoyed.

The winners were:-


First: Ananya Dubey

Second: Unnati More

Third: Pranay Mahendrakar


First: Samita Gumma

Second: Shlok Biyala

Third: Rohan Kondur and Dakshesh Sharma


First: Anish Lande

Second: Tanishq Shinde

Third: Srijan Geddam

STD II: Origami

The students were asked few days before to practice at home

what they wanted to make for the origami activity.

On the day of the activity, they were given craft papers (square)

to make whatever they wanted. There was a variety of things they

made – flower, house, boat, kite, picture frame, chair, dog etc.

It was a pleasant sight to see the children engrossed in what they

were doing. They enjoyed the activity and were happy with the

final result of their creativity.

The winners were:-


First: Swati Gayatri

Second: Roshya Ann Aju

Third: Manasi Shukla & Rishib More


First: Sanika Malani

Second: Meet Agarwal

Third: Abhinav Gupta Sanka and Vivaan Doshi


First: Janhavi Nikam & Daiwik Shridhar

Second: Abhinav Kulkarni

Third: Apurva Kulkarni

STD III: Mask making

The month end activity for the month of July was to prepare a mask.

The main objective of this activity was to enable them to prepare

different types of mask. The students participated enthusiastically.

They were encouraged to do their best to create their own version.

The masks were judged based on its Creativity, Presentation, Clarity

and Neatness.

The winners were:-


First: Ojas Barve

Second: Devi Shri Harshini B

Third: Pranjali Thube


First: Sameeksha Shambharkar

Second: Charuhasini Pagala

Third: Tanisha Kokkirigedda


First: Riddhi Tambi

Second: Ashvij Patil

Third: Siddarth Karra

STD IV: Puppet Making

Class IV had ‘Puppet Making’ as their month end activity.

The students participated enthusiastically. Students used

different kinds of material for puppet making which included

ice cream sticks, chart papers, news papers, cardboard boxes,

socks , plastic bottles. Students used their imaginative and

creative skills to make amazing puppets. Each student named the

puppet and had an extraordinary story to tell about their creation.

The puppets were judged by Mrs Seema Nair on the basis of

creativity, presentation and neatness.


First: Naman Mahajan, Vaidehi Dhanrale

Second: Dhriti Gupta, Sanika Deshpande

Third: Preeti Kamble, Samiya Jagdale, Poorva Ranpise


First: Laavanya Sinha

Second: Anushka Akhouri

Third: Arya Moharil

STD V: Salad Making

The month end activity was ‘Salad Making’. The students came up

with different innovative ideas and brought the required materials

to execute it. Each one of them was trying to make it look different.

They applied their creative ideas and tried to decorate the salad in a

unique way within the given time. The vegetables were cut in the

shapes of flowers and leaves. Many of them made fruit salad also.

The outcome of the activity was simply great to see and difficult to judge.

Mrs. Deena judged STD V A and Mrs. Farhat judged STD V B.

The activity was judged on the basis of its idea, creativity, presentation,

taste and decoration

The winners were:


First: Siddhi Suryavanshi

Second: Swaroop Rajoathak

Third: Yashomati Chavan and Kshiteej Shep


First: Riya Nagaral and Satyen Bhosale for decoration of the salad

First: Shivantika Diwedi and Krishna Kulkarni for taste

Second: Monish Patil

Third: Khushi Wasnik

STD VI: Rangoli making

Month End Activity for July was Rangolimaking, using dry powder

colours and the venue chosen was Multipurpose Hall.

Children were divided into 8 groups and each group had 5 children:

two girls and three boys. Children were excited and each child

participated enthusiastically.

The competition was judged by Mrs. Lalitha Iyer and Mr. Deepak Jadhav

on the basis of –Concept / Creativity, Colour Combination, Overall Presentation

The judges were pleased with the neatness of winning entries and also the

winning children were awarded an opportunity by Principal to make

Rangoli in upcoming school events.

The winners were:-

First: Shrushti Chavan, Anagha Nilkari, Neeraj Thombre , Sagar Maske

Shantanu Shinde

Second: Amrit K. Bhullar, Diksha Gupta , Keshav Choudhary, Aditya Jagtap, Devang Jadhav, Gurnoor Rakhra

Third: Aastha Dhamne, SaiJanhavi Panchangam, Rajeshwar Rathod,

Abhishek Sengar

STD VII: Clay moulding/Chalk carving/Candle carving

After discussion with the class we decided on the theme ‘Nature’.

It was decided that students can carve or mould flowers, animals, etc.

The Clay Moulding or Chalk/Candle Carving activity was carried out in the

classroom and the students were given one hour to exhibit their creativity

Activities of the students were judged on the basis of creativity, innovations,

fineness, clarity and presentation.

The winners were:-

First: Sanath Kamath, Shreya, Pratham Shenwai

Second: Ishita Sahoo, Dyuti Anand, Sakshi Naik

Third: Rugveda Fulzele, Vedanti Sanap, Aarya Ranpise

STD VIII: Card making

Card making was planned as the month end activity for the

students of Class VIII. They were told in advance to bring the

material needed for the activity. The students participated

enthusiastically. The activity was judged by Mr. Deepak Jadhav.

The students were judged on the basis of following parameters:-

Presentation, Creativity, Neatness

The winners were:-

First: Yukta Chavan

Second: Megha Hazarika

Third: Vibhuti Raut, Prem Prakash Nayak

STD IX: Cyber smart Programme

The new age generation is very much technology savvy. However,

with the many benefits of technology also come risks. Children

use internet for various reasons and need to be educated about the

precautions to be taken while using internet. As part of the second month

end activity students of STD IX took up poster making on Cyber security.

The class was divided into five groups of four students each. Our computer

teacher Mrs. Rashmi Ansari judged the posters on the basis of content,

presentation and team work.

The winners were:-

First: Aditya K, Sahil Rathod, Dhruv Kulkarni, Srivats Deshpande

Second: Anay Mulik, Shubham Moze, Harshwardhan Memane,

Abhishek Wasnik

Third: Aarya Kochery, Akash Chettiyar, Yashvinder Real, Saloni Kullar

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