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Club Activity Report – July


Name of the activity : Puzzles solving and a talk by Mrs. Rema Menon

Maths puzzles and riddles were taken up in the first half of the session. Raghav of Std XI  and Jaydeep of  Std X discussed some of their puzzles.

  Mrs Rema Menon a retired bank officer explained the meaning and working of the bank. She gave examples of various accounts and schemes available in the bank. Details of the cheque and Demand draft were also explained. She shared her experience of a robbery happened in her branch and the consequences of it. The members enjoyed the session and participated actively.

2.Space and Astronomy

Name of the Activity  : Questionnaire solving and making rockets

The session  started with students working in a group to answer a questionnaire prepared by Mr Amit Purandhare based on Astronomy and the astronomical terms. After a span of 20 minutes the answers were discussed along with explanation by Mr Purandhare for every answer. 

In the latter session the students were made to work in groups wherein they worked on making of Rockets, aliens, imaginary planets and logos for the rockets. This activity saw creative members who initially brainstormed and then compiled the work together using diverse resources like cardboards, chart paper, plastic bottles etc.

3.Cyber Master

Name of the Activity  : 

 The agenda for the day was ‘Basics of Film Editing’ for which, a resource person, Mr Avinash Vasu was invited. Mr Vasu, who was an ex Vikheite, had majored in Film Making with a special minor in Psychology and has received a Gold Medal in Filmmaking in his graduating batch. The students were happy to know that he was successful enough to set up his own Production House called Erango Media and has 32 short films to his credit and that his film ‘Lost and Found’ was also screened in the Cannes Film Festival. 

Mr Vasu introduced the session, with a talk on how videos were made in olden days by using the rolls of film, which in turn would be a very costly affair since one complete roll could only accommodate a shoot consisting of rough cuts for about 4 minutes. He then went on to explain how video editing is done using different sequences. In this part he threw light on the importance of the sequence of shots, highlighting, that the director must keep in mind the emotion to be highlighted when the shot has to be taken. Thereafter, the differences between ‘screen time’ and ‘real time’ were explained.

Further he explained that just as the editor works on video effects, similarly there are also sound effects which range from main dialogues, to background effects and the volume of each which can be adjusted accordingly. 

The last session was the most interesting session where he went on to demonstrate what he had delivered, in the form of a lecture through a video. A scene from the Hollywood film, ‘The Untouchables’ was shown. The students had to identify where the shots were cut, what ‘seamless’ editing meant, what the intention or emotion behind the shot was, what the director wanted to highlight in the scene, how the sound effects were created, what the ways to create suspense were, what the importance of various sound effects are, what type of shot was used, what POV shots mean, what audio transitions were used before the shots to show that something big was going to happen, where the flaws in the shot lay and also that as the pace of the sequence builds up, how the shots become smaller.

He concluded with a summary of what he had delivered in his session and with a question and answer round for all. Throughout the session he was able to have complete attention from all the students and the responses of the students were proof enough that the objective had been achieved and they were left enriched with knowledge enough, for basic beginners to become young directors/editors in the world of Film Making. 

4. E Club

Name of the Activity  : Logo making

The 2nd activity planned for students was hands-on practice on designing logos.

In the 1st half, the students were given presentation on how to group different geometric shapes and use them as one single. How to rotate it, colour it and change its location. The students could generate exact copy of that logo.

In the 2nd half, students were shown a video and demonstrated on how to convert text into shape (like b into asnail ) . They were asked to follow the steps given in the video. 

Using the same technique, they created butterfly using B, ear phones using C and Giraffe using h.Thus, students enjoyed the activity where they got a chance to use their creativity and logic.


Name of the activity : 

1. To make working model of a hover craft using simple material

2. To make the circuit of a J.C.B robot and use it to activate the robot.

In the first half the working of the hovercraft was explained and a working model was made by each child.

In the second half the working of the circuit use din a J.C.B was explained and students could partly complete the circuit which will be continued in the next session.

Student were all excited with the hovercrafts they made and were very keen to know about the robot.

Both the sessions were very interesting and informative.


Name of the Activity: Weigh the weights

    The second session of Eureka started with a short lecture on difference between mass and weight, beam balance and spring balance, principle of spring balance- Hook’s law, and elasticity. 

Students carried out an experiment to study the relation between weight and downward extension of a given spring, and found the spring constant. The significance of spring constant was discussed.

Students then made their own spring balance using the materials given to them. The first step was to find the elastic constant of the given material, and the second step was to calibrate the scale.

Students got hands on experience in calibrating a scale , choosing their own least count and hence choosing the precision of their weighing scale.

6.Little Chefs

Name of the Activity: Nutritious Sandwich The Little Chefs on Saturday, 19th July made a Nutritious Sandwich. The Sandwich was made using Brown Bread supposed to be more nutritional. The filling for the sandwich comprised of cabbage,capsicum, carrots, cucumber and onions mixed with Mayonaise and Paneer. To add to the taste of the filling, salt, pepper and some mustard paste was added. The students were then taught how to butter a slice of bread. Following this, they assembled a sandwich for themselves. The activity was meant to expose the student to a very common and regular life skill.

7.Adventure Club 

Name of the Activity  : Artificial wall climbing

Activity for the month was conducted at the Artificial Wall at Shivaji Vyayam Mandal, Shivaji Nagar,  Pune. All the children were called at the venue at 6.30am. After the introduction to the equipment and the safety precautions the activity in charge Master Amol started the activity. One of their students gave demonstration and then our student started doing it. There were 79 students including girls, and all of them tried and did it successfully without any injury.

8. Club: Tout a’ la mode                                                                            

To enable students to learn Chain stitch, Stem stitch and their applications.

Observations :

A few students, first, continued with the Hem stitch which was taught to them in the previous session.

For the ones who had completed the previous assignment, Chain stitch was demonstrated. The students were asked to draw a straight line on the fabric and practice the Chain stitch.                                                                            

Once done, the Stem stitch was demonstrated. Here, the students were encouraged to draw floral designs and practice the stitch.

A few students, specially from the middle school, learnt“ patience “ and “concentration” as they managed tangled threads and threading the needle. 

At the end of the session, the ones with a fine hand were able to fill a petal or two with Stem stitch.  ( photo graphs attached )                                                                                               

9. साहित्यिकमस्ती

तारीख:- १८/७/ २०१४

वेळ:- ८ते११

ठिकाण :- आर्टरूम

विषय :- वारलीचित्रकलावशिल्पकलायांचीभाषा

वक्ते :- श्री. धनंजयराव.

सुरुवातीलाप्रथमेशनाईकयानेपाहुण्यांचीओळखकरूनदिली. त्यानंतरसरांनीवारलीचित्रकलेचापायाकायआहेतेसांगितले. पूर्वीच्याकाळीचित्रांद्वारेमाणूसआपलेविचारकसेव्यक्तकरीतअसेहेसांगितले. नंतरविद्यार्थ्यांनीस्वतःवारलीचित्रेकाढली. सरांनीचित्रांचेस्पष्टीकरणदिलेकीकसेआपलेचित्रआपल्यामनातलेविचारवभावनासांगतात.

दुसऱ्यासत्रातसरांनीशाडूच्यामातीपासूनशिल्पकलाकशीकरतातयाचेप्रात्यक्षिकदाखवले. नंतरविद्यार्थ्यांनामातीदेऊनत्यांच्याकडूनशिल्पेबनवूनघेतली. यावेळीविद्यार्थ्यांनीस्वतःचीकल्पनाशक्तीवापरूनवेगवेगळीशिल्पेबनवली, जसेस्नोमॅन, वडापाव, क्रिकेटचेमैदानत्याखेळाच्या साहित्यासह, फुलपाखरूइ. विद्यार्थ्यांनीमातीतहातघालूनकाहीतरीस्वतःबनविण्याचाआनंदघेतला.

सरांनीशिल्पकलेतूनदेखीलबनवणाऱ्यामाणसाचीमानसिकताकशीओळखूशकतोहेसांगितले. विद्यार्थीमातीघरीघेऊनगेलेवत्यांनाहेआवर्जूनसांगण्यातआलेकीघरीदेखीलसततवेगवेगळ्याकलाकृतीबनवतरहा.

10. Cyber Masters Juniors

The 2nd activity planned for students was hands-on practice on designing logos.

In the 1st half, the students were given presentation on how to group different geometric shapes and use them as one single. How to rotate it, colour it and change its location. The students could generate exact copy of that logo.

In the 2nd half, students were shown a video and demonstrated on how to convert text into shape (like b into a snail) . They were asked to follow the steps given in the video. 

Using the same technique, they created butterfly using B, ear phones using C and Giraffe using h. Thus, students enjoyed the activity where they got a chance to use their creativity and logic.

11. Human Matrix

Day and Date: Saturday, 19th July, 2014

Objective: To sensitize the students towards people living in slums and also exhibiting mental illnesses. 

The students(39 in no.) of Human Matrix club along with 6 teachers had gone for a NGO visit. The NGO – BapuTrust is an organization that aspires to provide services in the field of mental health in the communities at large. The services come in the form of advocacy, referrals and education of the neighborhood in dealing with issues related to mental health.  BapuTrust works in the field of mental health in two communities namely,

Lohianagar Basti and

Kashewadi Basti

On reaching the organization Ms. Kavitha oriented us about the 2 hour program. The students were divided into groups of seven and each group was accompanied by a teacher and a field worker from the institution for the community visit. The students were given some general instructions before the field visit.

For many students it was quite a disbelief to come face to face with the realities and hardships faced by other strata of society. Sometimes the stink, at times the muck and also the narrow roads shock many of them. Few of them also got to meet patients in their families and their stories were heart melting. 

Having seen the typical slum dwellings and having a peep into their life the students participated in the activities arranged by the field workers. We all played a few games and sang some songs, which everyone enjoyed thoroughly. This was done in small groups on the street itself helping children to shed their inhibition. Field workers explained how these small group activities with children helps them to build rapport and also gets children away from TV into something physical. Once back into the institution, the students were shown a documentary on the institution and also a case study of a client having some mental illness. Points emphasized were the struggles faced by a person with mental disability in the family and society. They also shared how the social workers identified and intervened in the case, followed by a discussion.

The discussion had been a very enriching one, wherein, the students asked a lot of questions like 

 How is a prospective client identified?

 What is the job of the field workers, the social workers?

How does the organization procure funds?

What obstacles the field workers face in the community?

What motivates them to do such a noble service?

The organization had invited a teenager from the slums who shared his views with our students. He said that we look up to you as role models, want to be friends with you but you turn us down and do not include  us in your society. Not knowing what options are available to gratify their needs and aspirations, a slum boy at times resorts to improper means to reach his goals. The boy spoke with such genuinely that he stroke a chord inwith everyone. 

A beautiful proposal came out of this conversation that as our students visited the two slums, may be on some other club day we can invite the students of these schools for an interaction to our school.

Towards the end of the discussion many commonly held misconceptions about slum dwellers as well as people with mental disability were at the least challenged. Many of them were moved by the interaction with a teenager from the slum. They did notice not just the struggles they go through but how our own interactions and attitudes about them are highly skewed. 

We were left with a question to ponder upon by Ms. Kavita, “just as we visited and freely roamed about the Basti today, how many of us belonging to the middle class and higher middle class society would allow them in our places to just see around?” we were face to face with our own insecurities and nothing needed to be said. 

We express our gratitude to Bapu trust for providing us an opportunity to introspect and challenge some of our notions about slum dwellers as well as people with mental illness. 

12. The Gourmet Central club

Name of the activity :  Field trip

The Gourmet central club had arranged a field trip to the Pastry Corner .The students left for the venue at 8.15 am. After reaching the venue the students were given a demonstration of the mango cream pastry and stuffed bread rolls. Then they were taken on a round of the bakery in groups 0f ten each. They were shown the kitchen, the baking section, the printed cake section and then to the shop, where they enjoyed the various products. They were given complimentary chocolate muffins, stuffed bread rolls and mango cream pastry. The students enjoyed the trip and were back to school by 10.45 am.

13. Film Appreciation

Name of the activity :  Guest lecture by Mr Sohil Vaidya on film making and editing

For the July session, the budding short film maker and director Mr. Sohil Vaidya was invited to deliver a talk on ‘ Filmaking and Editing’. He himself made some short films which were screened at the international film festival. Three short films were shown to the students to highlight the importance of Editing in filmmaking. The technical aspects of the filmmaking were explained in a simplified way. The session was very interactive. The club members were participative and came up with various questions with regard to the topic. In the end, students were shown a documentary made by the guest speaker. All the members were asked to write the review of the same film considering all the elements explained to them. The presentations will take place in the next session. 

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