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Club Activity Report for June

1.The Gourmet Central Club

Name of the activity : preparing nutritious dishes

The total  number of club members : 66.

The number of teachers in charge : 8.

The club started with  orienting  the students regarding rules and regulations to be followed while working in the  club and maintaining the records. This was followed by dividing the students into two  Groups. Group I prepared nutritious Pav- Bhaji and  Group II prepared Moong dal chila .  The teachers in charge explained the recipe to both the groups and gave them the ingredients .They explained   the importance of cleanliness while preparing the dishes. Students chopped the vegetables and helped to prepare the dishes which were relished by them.


E- Club

Name of the activity :  Designing Logos

No of Students : 26

Venue: Computer Lab

The  E- Club  introduced to the students to the logo making software. “So Think  software” is a “What you see is what you get” WYSIWYG interface which helps in  Creating  unique logos  for business or personal use. It provides the users with many amazing templates so that anybody  can easily  create a logo. And replace the shape or color to make your own.

The students were first given a presentation  explaining the importance of the Logos and why every organizations  have them. They were then shown a demonstration  video  showing step by step how to use the software  and then were given simple tasks  of preparing logos of their own names , creating logos for the Annual day with the tools available.

The students were asked to prepare the logos for the VPMS Sports day .Benefiting from smart drawing pens, color schemes, rich effects and build-in symbols, the students came up with some  awesome logos like professionals.


Name of the activity : documentary viewing and Vedic Math

The documentary of the life of Ramanujan was shown in the beginning. 1729 the hardy Ramanujan number was discussed after watching the documentary. The expectation of the members about the activities also were discussed. Brain teasers and other puzzles were solved. Vedic Maths was explained in the second session. The last activity was solving questions to know your Maths IQ.

   All the members participated actively.

4.Little Chefs

Name of the activity : Chaat with sprouts

The students were briefed on the pleasures they could derive from making delicious recipes for themselves. They were told about certain do’s and don’ts regarding Baking and Cooking.

They were also instructed to carry with them for all the Club Activities a few things. Further, it was made clear to them to be well organised at the onset of making any recipe.

The students under the Teacher’s guidance prepared a Nutritious Chaat with Sprouts.

They were given a detailed list of the ingredients to be used with Step – by – step instructions

of the procedure to make the Chaat.

The students enjoyed making the Chaat which they found tasty too.

5.Cyber Master

Name of the activity : Videography and Video editing.

Welcome all to the first session of the Computer Master Club for the year 2014-15. The participants of this club are the students of standard IX, X and XI. Around 50 students are there in the club. Today June 28, 2014 was the first day for the club activity; students were excited and enthusiastic to learn about video editing. Mr. Sumit was invited to share his knowledge on videography and video editing. He is in the final year of FTII, Pune.

In the first half of the class he told the students about the camera and cinematography. He highlighted on the technical specifications of the camera such as Lens, Aperture Range, Types of lens filter, Shutter Speed etc. Students also shared their knowledge regarding the same. It helped the students to know more about the camera and how to use the same to get the perfect picture.

In the second half students learnt about video editing by using the Premier Pro Software. Students were asked to bring 4-5 video clips for the same. It was a great learning experience for the students.

6.Film Appreciation

Name of the activity : Screening of the film “King’s Speech”

The first session of the club began on an exciting note. The members were briefed about the activities planned for the year. They were also guided on the art of film appreciation. After the discussion a film called ” KING’S SPEECH’ was screened for them. They were asked to note down their observations while watching the film so that they can mention them during their presentations.  A stammering man overcomes his problem with his unflinching efforts and delivers a powerful speech in the end………is the story line of this film. All the members enjoyed this film to the fullest.

7.Human Matrix

Name of the activity : Communication skills

Human Matrix Club was initiated with the objective of developing ever essential skills of introspection and observation. Children will be exposed to various aspects of psychology and hence in the process develop an understanding of factors riding human behavior.

First session focused on various aspects of communication skills and the session was applauded by the club member

8.Tout a La Mode

Name of the activity : The basics of fashion designing .

New academic year is welcomed with new expectations and promises. Tout à la mode got a whooping response from the students. This club gave the students assurance that at the end of the year they would be proficient to stitch and mend their clothes. The objective was to expose the young minds to different stitches and their usefulness in making different things. Tout à la mode will help them to learn the basics of fashion designing .

There were seventy students who had enrolled for this activity.  The students were separated into two groups which worked in different classes. The six and the seven graders were guided by Mrs Kotnis and the eight, nine and ten graders were guided by Mrs Joseph. They were introduced to threading of the needle, running and hemming stitches. The students worked on cotton cloth size of a large size handkerchief. It took them time to learn the stitches but  were assured that they would master them with practice.

The enthusiastic group showed eagerness to learn new stitches .


Name of the activity :

  1. a.Magnetic Levitaion Pencil

  2. b.DC Motor

The principle behind both the activities was explained by the resource person Mr. Anil Aher.

The Magnetic Levitation pencil is based on attraction between unlike poles of a magnet and repulsion between like poles of a magnet. Same principal is used for the modern fast trains.

The simple DC motor makes use of the principle that when current passes through a conductor it behaves like a magnet. When it is placed in the magnetic field on another magnet at a certain angle, a force is generated which spins the coil.

Every student made both the pencil and the motor by themselves and enjoyed the activity thoroughly.

10.Eureka – The Science Club

Name of the activity: Wonders of water/ice

Unravelling the mystery of water was the first objective of the club. The session began with questions on freezing point of water and its physical significance. They were asked why salt is spread over road after snowfall to prevent slippery icy road. To answer this question they did 3 experiments.

(i) Lifting ice cubes using a thread: Students were asked to lift as many ice cubes as possible using thread. They sprinkled salt over the thread and few droplets of water. The ice began melting after adding salt, as the freezing point of ice was lowered . The fresh water which was added on the top froze again sticking the thread to the ice. The wonderful phenomena created an ice necklace in the lab.

(ii) Measuring the lowest temperature achieved in the lab by adding salt to ice: Students were given beaker filled with ice and water. Different quantities of salt were added to each beaker and students were asked to note down the change in temperature with time. Every group reported the lowest temperature measured by them. The lowest temperature achieved in the lab was -10° C.

(iii) Making ice-cream using the principle that salt reduces the temperature of ice: Students were given milk-sugar and flavour mixture in a zip lock bag which was sealed and kept inside another big zip lock bag containing ice-salt mixture. They had to shake the entire package for 30 minutes which made the ice cream mixture to freeze giving a smooth frozen treat much to the delight of students.

After conducting all these activities students were asked to make conclusions and they were given questionnaire for further research.

11. साहित्यिकमस्ती

तारीख:- २८जून२०१४

वेळ:- ८ते११

ठिकाण :- मराठीरूम

विषय :- इतिहासातीलभाषा

वक्ते :- श्री. गणेशधालपेवअजितटाकळकर

सुरुवातीलाकल्याणीपाटीलहिनेपाहुण्यांचीओळखकरूनदिली, वत्यांचेफूलदेऊनस्वागतकेले. विषयाचीसुरुवातत्यांनीविविधभाषांच्यालिपींचीओळखकरूनदेऊनकेली. यामध्येत्यांनीसिंधू, हडप्पा, मोहंजोदाडोइ. संस्कृतीचीओळखकरूनदिली. महाराष्ट्रामध्येकोठेकोठेअशीप्राचीनसंस्कृतीचीदर्शनस्थळेआहेतहेसांगितले. लिपींचाप्रवासत्यांनीअत्यंतरंजकपद्धतीनेसांगितलाजसेब्राह्मी, खरोष्टी, मोडी, देवनागरीइ. शिलालेखवस्तंभलेखांचीमाहितीदिली.

चित्रलिपीकशीवाचावीहेशिकवले. यामध्येत्यांनीशिवाजीमहाराजांच्याकाळातीलवप्राचीनकाळातीलमंदिरेवलेण्यातीलचित्रेवप्रस्तरलेखयांच्यास्लाईड्सदाखविल्या.वीरगळकशीवाचावीहेशिकवले. जमिनीवरीलकिल्लेवसमुद्रातीलकिल्ल्यांच्याप्रवेशद्वारांवरीलशिल्पांचीभाषावत्त्यांचाअर्थकसाजाणावाहेविद्यार्थ्यांनासमजेलअशाभाषेतसमजावूनदिले.त्यानंतरत्यांनीअजंठायेथीलएकशिल्पदाखविलेवत्यामधीलगोष्टविद्यार्थ्यांनासांगितली.

सर्वातशेवटीत्यांनीखुद्दशिवाजीमहाराज, शहाजीमहाराजवजिजाऊबाईंनीलिहिलेलीपत्रेप्रत्यक्षदाखविलीवविद्यार्थ्यांनाहाताळायलादिली.नंतरक्लबतर्फेशुभेच्छापत्रेदेऊनदोघांचेआभारमानले.


12. Astronomy

Name of the activity: lecture on Astronomy (meteors, meteorite).

Firstly Mr. Amit Purendre gave a lecture on Astronomy (meteors, meteorite).

Students were divided into different groups and briefed about the next activity. Following topics were given-planet, rocket, atmosphere, vegetation and wild life, logo, alien.

Kids were given a questionnaire on Space which they answered after discussing in groups.

13 Adventure Club Activity Report

Total no. of student: 66

1st club activity for year 2014-15 was started with trekking activity at Sinhagad Fort. We started our journey from the school at 7.00am, reached the fort and started trekking at 8.30am.

We then visited Kalyan Darvaja, Kadelot Point, Tanaji Kadha, Wind Point, Tanaji Chi Samadhi, Dev Taka and Barud Khana. It was a very enjoyable experience.

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