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Club Activities – November 2015

Chef activity

Little Chef Club conducted crossword puzzle activity on 21st Nov 2015 to enhance students’ knowledge of the vocabulary associated with the chef world. Students of the club were divided into 4 groups. Each group was provided a puzzle with a separate theme related to Food safety, fruits, vegetables, lunch and breakfast. Students discussed in their own group and shared the ideas to solve the puzzle. Each student participated with great interest and tried to give his /her best to help out the group. This activity also enabled the students to enhance their thinking skills and competitive spirit. 

Science Club:

To enhance the thinking, imaginative and creative skills of the students and enable them to reflect on the present technological development, on Nov 21, 2015 the Science Club conducted Essay Writing Activity on the topics as Technology in 2050, If I were a Scientist and Our Universe. The students showed great enthusiasm and spirit in expressing their views on the given topics within the stipulated time of 40 minutes. After completion of the activities, the students were provided an opportunity to read out their creations and share their views. This activity boosted the students to take interest in science and be more and more imaginative and creative.

Literary Club:

The Literary Club conducted Essay Writing Activity with an objective to develop the students thinking skills, creativity and fluency. The students were divided into three groups as per the classes as VI, VII and VIII. Each group was given a separate topic as Water crisis, Should we have home for the aged and Global Warming respectively. The performance of each was examined on the basis of the criteria as Richness of Content, Fluency and Grammatical Accuracy and Overall Presentation. The performance was examined by the club in charge and gave the feedback.

Eco Club

Visit to Poly House and Poultry Farm.

On 21st November 2015 the Eco Club of Little Flower School had organised a one-day field visit to a poly house and poultry farm for the students of class VI to VIII.  The students first visited the capsicum Poly house at Nimgaonjali village at 10.00 a.m. The students were amazed to see the huge poly house in which capsicum vegetable crops were grown

They observed the capsicum with red and yellow colour. Seeing the healthy and beautiful plot of capsicum crops, the students raised several questions out of curiosity. The owner of the poly house answered the queries about irrigation technology, temperature, type of pesticides, insecticides and manures, amount of water required for the growth of the plants. When the students enquired about the difficulties while bringing up the crops and the benefits obtained, the owner spoke about bad weather and water shortage and the unstable market value.

The students even enjoyed seeing a poultry farm in the neighbourhood. They were happy to see thousands of birds sheltered in it. Amazingly, they enquired about the size of the shed, food served to the hens and cocks, the growth period, the diseases they suffer from and the treatment available. The students even asked about the transport and marketing strategies and the benefits gained through this business, The eco club teacher explained the need of accepting modern technology in harmony with nature. Finally the students collected good deal of information and returned with a great satisfaction of having gained something of worth.

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