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Club Activities – November 2014


The IT club conducted power point presentation activity for class X. During this activity the students prepared power point presentation on various social issues like Dowry system, Global warming, the flight of Indian farmer sand safety of women in India. They used internet to obtain the necessary information and the visuals. It enabled the pupils to showcase the talent, social awareness, empathy artistic skills and access to internet.

Literature Club:

The literary club conducted Poetry competition activity for class VII students. They were divided into 6 groups and were given independence to compose poems on the themes like rain, river, mountains, trees friends etc. The pupils worked together and they contributed in the composition of the poems by sharing their ideas and drawing the pictures related to the theme. Tis activity enabled the pupils to know their hidden talent, creativity and enhance their thinking and emotional skills.

Science Club:

The club arranged an activity based on lab apparatus for class VI. The club incharge conducted this activity in the Science lab where the pupils were introduced with different instruments like pipette, burette, beaker, conical flask etc. The teacher also explained their uses and the way to handle them. This activity changed the pupil’s observation and procedural skill.

Little Chef Club:

To create an awareness about the nutritive values of different food items the little chef club had arranged favourite dish preparation activity for class VIII. As per the instructions given on the previous day the students were divided into different groups so as to share ideas and prepare recipe of their own. The students prepared their favourite nutritious tasty dishes within the stipulated period. All the groups arranged their dishes in a decorative manner with a suitable title. Finally the leader of each group explained the recipe and its nutritious values. This activity helped to develop student’s interest in preparing nutritive dishes. It also enhanced their creative skills and interpersonal relationships by sharing their idea and cooperating one another.

Maths Club:

The maths club incharge conducted “Quiz Activity” for class IX. The students were divided into different groups. Each group participated enthusiastically. During the activity students were questioned about formulas, tables and mathematical operations. They were also asked application based, basic and HOT type questions. This activity helped in improving mathematical skills of the pupil.

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