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Club Activities – November 2014

1.The Gourmet Central Club

For this club activity Mrs. Sunetra Rodey, Ex. Principal of Maharashtra State Institute of Hotel Management and Catering Technology ,Pune was invited to give a talk on the balanced diet and basic nutrients which are important for healthy body and mind. The session started with the power point presentation on balanced diet and the basic nutrients and concluded by asking the students to analyse their food intake of the previous day on the given format. It was brought to the notice of the students that most of them do not take balanced diet on a daily basis. They were asked to plan their diet more effectively.

In the second half of the session a complete and nutritive Meso – soup preparation was demonstrated. The students relished the soup.


Mrs Manjushree Dhume and Ms. Shubhangi conducted the activities. Mrs Manjushree Dhume an IITian who has worked for over 18 years in different fields like Engineering, Software and Training. She has over 10 years experience in designing and conducting training programs, both in India and abroad. She is a visiting faculty for Mumbai University and teaches “Media and Knowledge Management” for post graduate students. LearnQuest is founded by Manjushri Dhume. At learnquest, learning games and activities for children are designed.

Four games and a movie on Mathmagic was shown to the members of Ramanujans of Today. All the games were really interesting and the members enjoyed. The movie threw light on different shapes, how mathematics is used to play billiards, chess and other games like football and basket ball. The golden ratio and its presence in nature was also shown.

This session was an eye opener to the teachers and very entertaining for the members


Report on Space and Astronomy Club

Date: 8.11.2014

In the first session Mr. Amit . Purandare gave a talk on ‘ MISSION RED PLANET’. He also spoke on MOM. IN the latter session students were shown a documentary on the launching of MOM which was an enriching experience

4.E Club

On 8th Nov. 2014, the students of Cyber Master (Junior) were very thrilled when they entered computer lab to see the animated frames. When they were told that it was designed by a teacher using Pivot Animator software, their excitement was boundless to learn it.

Pivot Animator is a simple software to create animations. Based on stickfigures, the software gives you the possibility to create an animation by moving the joints and nodes of the figures. There is no need to redraw the figures in each frames. The figure creator gives the possibility to create any types of figures you want.

Susmita Madam explained about the different features of the software and gave them the lessons on how to create the animation.

In the 1st half, students were having hands-on practice to use different tools of the program. Students came up with very good programs like demonstration of Karate, boxing, jogging etc.

In the 2nd half, students were given the theme “Honesty” for creating animation based story. They were told to use minimum 4 figures and 100 frames. Most of the students worked in the group of 2 and came up with good ideas.

Overall, the activity was enjoyed by all the students.

5.Film Appreciation

For the November session, the film appreciation club was shown a documentary called ‘ The beautiful people’ based on the life of animals in the desert. It was followed by a discussion. In the second half the members were shown a film called ‘ The White House Down’. The suspense thriller gave in detail information about the White house. Both the films were enjoyed by the students. They were asked to write a review of these films to be discussed in the next session.

On the whole the session was enjoyable and informative.


On the 8th of November 2014, students of the robotics club made

1. periscope

2. model dipicting working of a fan

Students were explained the concepts of reflection, d.c motor and conversion of energy.

Students enjoyed making the models and could relate them to the concept taught.

Students also made practical use of the models made.

7.Tout a la Mode – Club Activity Report

After a restful Diwali break the children came back energized and full of excitement. They eagerly displayed the embroidery pieces that they had worked on during their break. Pillowcases, pouches, soft toys and cloth bags were made by some of the children during the holidays. The enthusiasm and creativity portrayed by the children was truly motivating.

New embroidery stitches were shown to all the children by the teachers. They were encouraged to start embroidering on some more pieces of cloth which would then be exhibited at the end of the year.

8. Club: Human Matrix

Day and Date: Saturday, 8thNovember, 2014

Objective: To interact with children of different background and communities and learn and share experiences with each other

Human Matrix Club had an interactive session with the children of communities from Lohia Nagar Basti and Kashewadi Basti.

This activity is the result of a proposal which came out on their earlier visit organized by an NGO- Bapu Trust, Where Ms. Kavita had raised a question,“just as we visited and freely roamed about the Basti today, how many of us belonging to the middle class and higher middle class society would allow them in our places to just see around?”

Taking this as an initiative Human Matrix Club invited teenagers fromLohia Nagar Basti and Kashewadi Basti. Around thirteen children of various age groups and workers of the NGO came to visit our school.

A pre sensitisation session with our children was taken to clear all their doubts.

The session began with an introductory ice breaker that helped children to shed their inhibitions. Later they were divided into heterogeneous groups and were given the task to identify the aspects of inclusion and exclusion. Children came up with some common feelings like sadness, love, loneliness, awkward feeling, differences, accepted, overjoyed and contributing. The objective of this activity was well achieved as all of them felt that everyone has similar experiences.Thus were more comfortable with each other in the group.

The next activity was a combined group activity called the Great Egg Drop. The objective of this activity is to create a packaging for dropping an egg from a eight feet height without breaking. This required working together, communicating and successfully designing an egg package to get the result. Afterwards children tested their designs and except for one egg all of them came out with wonderful results.

By the end of this activity the comfort level of children was visible as they were discussing various issues, getting to know each other and were eating together.

Post lunch session was another group activity which required participants to discuss highlights of their lives. With some intense discussions each group members were seen working on more mature and intimate levels. They also discussed the day they want to relive. There was a great respect shown to each other’s passion and feelings.

The session concluded with students, teachers and workers of the NGO sharing their experiences and thanking all students for interacting at a friendly level.

Lastly we all sang songs and enacted them with laughter and fun.

In the words of one of the teacher-“today we all are feeling like one national group of children with no boundaries”

Teachers participated:Purvi Gohil,Babita Mehta, Jayashree Verma, Mohita Kapoor and Shubhangi Bapat


9. Adventure Club

Activity for the month was conducted at Peshwe Park Adventure Activity. Children reached to the venue at 9am. After taking breakfast they were introduced to the various activities. There are almost 30 adventures activities including Rappelling, Monkey Crawling, Flying Fox, Net climbing etc. It was a fun filled experience.

10. Cyber Masters

Activity: Creation of Apps for cell phones

In the Cyber Club we had a very interesting activity this Saturday of creating our own apps for Android cell phones & iphones.. We downloaded free app known as “I Build app”. It was a ready format with instruction manual. Easy and interesting for one to follow.

 Though the attendance was not 100 % but the involvement and interest in creating their own app was cent percent. Gadgets and mobiles are very handy instruments for present generation. Hence understanding new softwares and applying them is just as easy task for them. The instructions given were well followed and within a limited time the students got to the basics of building the app.

Later students were given 45minutes time to conceptualize their own application with the theme appealing to teachers which will later be forwarded to teachers. Groups were formed who would work on their own concept and collectively create the apps in the next activity.

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