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Club Activities – June 2017

Cyber Genius Club

Name of the Activity: App Designing

The mobile ecosystem is one that is constantly changing and evolving based on experimentation and innovation, and there are a lot of approaches being designed every day. From reading applications, to photo sharing and productivity and to-do lists, there are all kinds of apps available to the user. After a short introduction, Vinay Phadnis an ex-student of VPMS Pune ,started the activity by showing the top 10 Apps on the App store like Whatsapp, Facebook, Google Duo, Instagram, Shareit…etc. Later he told students to observe the layout for each app. He explained them about the different components used in the layout. In the last section, Vinay also explained about the Notification Panel (swiping in and out) in android phones and about 9 steps involved in CPU calculations. 

Nature Trail Club

Name of the Activity: A Trek to Sinhagad

The Students along with the teachers went on a trek to Sinhagad Fort.

The beauty of the trees, rocks and greenery were the driving force for all of them to climb it. They visited the Kalyan Darwaja and witnessed the exotic view at the ‘Wind Point’

Scout and Guide Club

Name of the Activity: Pravesh Requirements

The activity began with a class room session. The students were given an introduction to Scouts & Guides. The next session from 9.45 am to 11.00 am was Team building games. They also practice left hand shake and salute

Heritage Club

Name of the Activity: Movie Lokmanya Tilak

To understand the struggle of Lokmanya Tilak and the sacrifice made by him and his loved ones for the Indian struggle of freedom ‘Swaraj’.

The movie is based upon the contributions of Lokmanya Tilak to the freedom struggle. It speaks about the Swadeshi movement, New English school and newspapers like Kesari. Tilak which had an impact on the freedom struggle and shaping the society in general.

The Media Appreciation Club

Name of the activity: Understanding of films

The first session of the Media Appreciation club began on an exciting note. The session was based on the topic’ understanding of films’. The resource person from ‘ The small bean media’ was invited to conduct the session. Many technical aspects involved in the film making were explained to the students. Numerous short films were screened to the students as part of the session. The session was very interactive. Complex things such as how camera works, how it establishes the dialogue with the audience, long shots, close shot etc. were explained beautifully.

Robotic Club

Name of the Activity: 

Level1: 1. Standing Pencil, D C Motor, LED Torch

Level2: 1. Hydraulic Jack, JCB Arm

Level1: Students prepared standing pencil by putting the magnets at optimum distance with the correct polarities. The DC Motor was prepared by putting two safety pins on two ends of the 9V battery with the help of a rubber band. A coil of copper wire was put into the holes of the safety pins. They prepared the LED torch by connecting LED bulb to two 9v battery.

Level 2: For the Hydraulic pump a base was prepared using ice cream sticks, cycle spoke, wooden board and copper wires. Then the syringes were attached to it which when pressed can lift this base. For the JCB Arm, the foam pieces were connected using nails and two pairs of syringes were attached which could lift the JCB arm.

Space and Astronomy Club

Name of the activity- Aero-modelling

A Video was shown on the making and working of planes. The laws of motion and forces of flight was very well explained to the students. Students were given a kit to make the model of a plane.

Tout A La Mode

Name of the activity-

Tie and Dye


Basic of stitching


The children were divided into four groups and learned four different skills. The first group learned the basics of stitching wherein they were taught hemming, tacking and button stitching.

The second group learned to make an apron in the tailoring department. The third group learnt the technique of tie and dye an age old traditional way of colouring fabric creatively. And the last group learned basic stitches in embroidery.

Gourment Central

Name of the activity: 

This activity was conducted as per CBSE guidelines which focused on preparing life-skills amongst students and motivate them to eat healthier & nutritious homemade food rather than junk food. The first club activity saw the students make interesting items like Chicken Cheese Balls and Potato Cheese Balls accompanied with Green Chutney. We also planned delicious and nutritious Multi-Grain Methi Thepla & the ever-green Aloo Paratha accompanied by Green Chutney & Mango Chunda. Hygiene & safety measures were taken care of during the entire activity.

Magic Fingers

Name of the activity: Making Files and multipurpose boxes

To conduct this activity the resource person Mr.Santosh Tidke (Karwak NGO) was invited , he provided the required material to all the students.The students were divided into two groups, after the demonstration was over. The students were given complete freedom to showcase their artistic talent. Both the groups learnt how to make Folders and multipurpose boxes and to decorate them.

Eco Club

Name of the activity: Decorative Items from Plaster of Paris

The objective of the first activity of Eco Club was to increase the eco-consciousness and social responsibility of children by providing them access to the natural world, state of the art, by sensitizing them about Plaster of Paris and its use in making decorative items. Students first took the ‘Eco Pledge’ where they pledged to spread awareness regarding the environment. The resource person taught students how to prepare various ornamental and decorative objects out of Plaster of Paris, using different shaped moulds. They also made fridge magnets, lampshades, vases and statues of historical and religious figures.

Young Entrepreneur Club

Name of the activity- Introduction to Entrepreneurship and Case Studies of Entrepreneurs

The teacher introduced the topic, objective, mission and defined and explained the term using a power point presentation. Then the students watched short films on success of-

Dhirubhai Ambani- highlighting his life, achievements and his struggle to become a successful entrepreneur.

Varun Agrawal- from failing in engineering to co-founding a million dollar company

Jack Ma- his biography and starting of Alibaba.com

Bhavish Agrawal- inspiring story of the brain behind Ola Cabs

Shravan and Sanjay- India’s youngest CEO’s

Amit Maheshwari- giving ideas on start-ups’ for 2018

The session concluded by an ice-breaking session wherein students introduced and described each other through an activity – ‘Get to Know One Another’

Science Club –Stepping Stone

Name of the activity -Board Games

Students were divided in groups and each group selected a topic from any field of science. The Students got together to make a board game.

The students developed a game to teach Periodic table, a game for Astronomy enthusiasts with advance concepts like black holes etc…

Some students developed a game on atomic structure of elements from 1 to 20, and yet another team of students developed a board game explaining the concepts of neurons, reflexes, control of muscles.

The games developed by these students made excellent teaching aids for teachers to use it in their classes.

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