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Club Activities – Dec 2014

1.The Gourmet Central Club

For the month of December the gourmet central club students were divided in two groups. One group made Corn Bhel and the other made Caramel Pudding. The students were given the recipe and the dish was demonstrated to them. The ingredients were distributed and they worked in groups. Simultaneously the teachers in-charge told the children about the importance of cleanliness and hygiene while cooking food. They noted the recipe in their journals. Later they relished the dishes.The students were later on asked to complete their journals.


Stick Figure Animator:

The students of Cyber Masters ( Junior) were already taught animation based on stick figures since the software gives you the possibility to create an animation by moving the joints and nodes of the figures the students were allowed to practice their skill for the first hour. As there is no need to redraw your figures in each frames. The figure creator gives you the possibility to create any types of figures you want.

In the second half the students were shown the best stick figure animation based on a theme , which the students were shown. Students managed to create amazing animations based on the theme shown to them using their creativity and skill developed.

All the students were then assessed based on the criteria given. The students then saved their animation in the folder mentioned.


Maths Puzzles nurtures the inborn potential to think creatively. Solving puzzles and learning multiplication of 6,7,8,9 using ten fingers was conducted in the first half. There are countless patterns in the nature and these follow a specific ratio. Fibonacci numbers and the golden ratio were discussed in the second half. A short film on the safety in numbers was shown. Finally the members did a work out for the brain – superbrain yoga. An exercise to pump up cell and neuron activites in the brain which should be practiced at least three minutes a day will produce wonders. This is an exercise prescribed by a medical doctor in Los Angeles to patients having Memory loss, Alzheimers etc. Occupational therapists prescribed this exercise for learning disabilities, autism etc. This is a drug free method to increase memory, synchronise the right and left hemispheres of the brain and increase their intelligence. (reference CBS2.com website)

4.Little Chefs


The Club Activity for Today, 13-12-14, was making vegetable cutlets.The Activity was held in the dining area. The children were asked to get the required ingredients : two boiled potatoes, one boiled beet, one carrot, and a bowl for mixing. They were asked to grate all the above ingredients and mix them with the bread crumbs and the spices provided by the teachers. The children then shaped them into cutlets which were later shallow fried.Everyone enjoyed the nutritious and healthy cutlets.

5.Cyber Master

Topic : Making of ‘apps for android cell phones’

The students of the “Cyber Master” club continued the projects that they had been working on since last month, with the ‘I Build App software ’. Students made various applications that could be accessed on their smart phones. They created a variety of apps for restaurant bookings and reservations, e-books, booking of flight tickets, music downloads, favourite TV shows, etc. to name a few. They completed their projects in groups and mailed the same to the teacher-in-charge Mrs Alpana Saxena who will be grading them according to these projects . It was good learning experience for the students as well as teachers too as teachers also joined the students in learning process & remembered their student life. Everyone enjoyed every bit of it.

6.Film Appreciation

The December session for the Film Appreciation Club was very exciting. The members were taken to the NFAI ( National Film Archives Of India ) to attend the Shakespeare Film festival ( Timeless Shakespeare ) The film shown to them was ‘ Shakespearewallah ‘ by the renowned director ‘ James Ivory’. It is a film of cultural conflict. It looks at changing values in art and culture of Indians. It was very well received by the members. They are asked to write a review and present the same in the next session. On the whole, the session was very enjoyable.

7.Human Matrix

The objective of the fifth session was to introduce the concept of Multiple Intelligence and Principles of Memory.

Topic : Intelligence and Memory

 The session begun with a presentation on the topic “Our Amazing Brain”. The presentation covered the following areas of the brain like frontal lobe, parietal lobe , occipital lobe, temporal lobe ,cerebellum and its specialized work. . This presentation was explained by

Mrs Shubhangi Bapat.

Ms Purvi followed the   topic and discussed about the biology and structure of brain in

 detail .It was followed by a group discussion where the students were given an opportunity to identify intelligent person  based on their discretion and understanding. The students came up with very creative and thoughtful responses. However, they mostly focused on academicians or other successful people but not on sportsmen or actors etc.

Some of their responses were Einstein, Newton, Steve Jobs, Leonardo Da Vinci, their own mother and so on. Their responses were very thoughtful with good reasoning.

Ms Mohita Kapoor further explained the “Theory of Multiple Intelligence” given by Howard Gardner. She explained the nine types of intelligence with example. The topic of intelligence concluded with a thought of how intelligence is malleable and not static.

In the second half the following activities were conducted for the students to understand the working of memory. Various memory games were played to derive the principles of memory. Students were challenged to repeat a 10 digit number forward and backward and also to remember a list of nonsense words (TOBRO, DIFIM etc). It was through these games that children identified some facts about memory and ways to improve the same.

So the activities concluded by pointing out the facts about memory and how to improve memory. 

8.Sahityik Masti

Report in Marathi – will send later.


On 13th December 2014, fifth session of Robotics Club was held. The agenda for the day was to construct a Remote Controlled Solar Powered Robot.

This activity requires two sessions. In this session, students prepared the switch boxes and prepared the panel with 4 DC motors.

The principle behind the connections of the two way switches was explained to the students. They worked in groups of 4 students and prepared the switch boxes using simple plastic containers. Two switches were used which will enable the robot to move forward and backward and left and right. Then on a wooden panel, the students fixed the DC motors. The panel was connected to the switch box using a multi wired bus.

The rest of the work of putting the wheels and connecting them to the motors etc. will be completed in the next session.

The students enjoyed the activity thoroughly.


Name of the club: EUREKA “ The Science Club”

Date : 13th December 2014

Name of the activity: Stick it up with MILK

The fifth session of science club was studying the property and composition of milk, and converting it to glue and plastic. Milk can be transformed into curds and whey by adding a mild acid such as acetic acid. After curds form and are separated from the whey, the acid is neutralized with sodium bicarbonate.

The clumps of curds are comprised of casein, a protein found in milk. Students discussed different acids which can help coagulate casein, and investigated the result with different kinds of milk. They inferred that it was easier to do with fat free milk, as fat interfered with glue formation. Students also poured casein into moulds to form different shapes. Students enjoyed being little chemists and successfully produced glue and plastic, while learning polymerisation, and structure of protein casein. They were given follow up research activity and worksheet for further investigation.

11. Adventure club and Astronomy club – No activity in Dec

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