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Club activities at VPMS Nashik

Updated: Aug 12, 2019

Every month end various club activities are taken in the school which are:

Heriture Club:

In this club students are given deep knowledge of Indian tradition, culture and heritage. As we have undergone a very long journey of its richness, it is the duty and responsibility of our students to nurture and maintain the heritage, to create this awareness among the students various activities are organized. In this student were taken on a heritage walk in the old Nashik city wherein they were introduced to the ancient architectural building and temples. Apart from this student were also given exposure through video clips, ppts and documentaries.

Experimental Club:

To develop curiosity to explore & discover innovative ideas with scientific attitude among the students, teachers are taking various activities. The activities conducted were how to make hot air balloon and its working, spinning wheel and its working, how to find centre of gravity of an object, etc.

Literature Club:

Activities like word building, writing skills, use of dictionary in English and Marathi language, and learnt to make few games related to language and how to write BIODATA was taken.

Innovation Club:

Various articles were taught to make out of the waste or used materials. Students made Toran, Photo frames, envelopes, paper bags etc.

Traditional Games Club:

To make our students aware of the traditional games and also to take them away from the mobile games this club was introduced in the school. These games make the students not only sweat on the ground physically but also keep them physically and mentally active. It also teaches them to socialize in a group and build a team spirit. The games like passing the parcel, lagori, lingorcha, hide and seek etc are taught in the school.

Culinary Club:

Students are taught to prepare and consume the nutritional food. They are also given proper indenting and recipes of the food item to be prepared. Various simple food is been prepared by the students like Bread Roll Sandwich, Khakara Chat, Canopies, Bhel, Dates and Dry Fruits Laddus, etc. Students were also guided regarding health and hygiene. Along with this they were also taught table manners and healthy food habits and its importance.

Tapestry Club

Though girl or a boy it is necessary to learn few basics of stitching, therefore students are taught various types stitches used in the designs. Students learnt different stitches like running, back, stem, chain, satin stitches. Students have made beautiful design out of the stiches taught.

Melody Club:

Students are taught different songs from different languages. They are also taught to play basic notes on different musical instruments.

Calculus Club:

Various Maths lab activities are taken in which students are made to understand the concept of the theorems and actual real-life facts in a simpler way.

Canvas Club:

Students are taught arts skills of drawing and colouring like Thread Printing, Fork Painting, Tracing and Impression Painting activities etc.

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