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Cleanliness Drive – Swachh Bharat Swasth Bharat Abhiyaan

The school organized a Cleanliness Drive under Swachh Bharat Swasth Bharat Abhiyaan Programme on 9th of September 2017. The main purpose of this programme was to create awareness among the students regarding Cleanliness and its benefits. The students of classes V to VII participated under this programme. As a part of this Cleanliness Drive, the teachers had taken the students on a peace rally which commenced from Lohegaon Bus stop. The students marched through the streets with slogans on banners which spread the message of ‘Clean India Green India’

The Principal also suggested action points for students, teachers and all staff members to ensure schools remains clean and free of clutter. She also delivered a talk on hygiene before the rally, taking the cleanliness pledge every day during morning assembly.

A street play was also organized on this occasion with a message of ‘Say No to Tobacco’.

The main idea of this play was to make the people aware of the dangerous effects of tobacco on their health and stop promotion and marketing of such hazardous things. The crowd appreciated the students’ efforts, enthusiasm and remarkable performance through the street play!

As teachers we strongly feel that if students are taught about the need to maintain basic sanitation and cleanliness in all aspects, then they will also ensure that these are maintained at home. Thus, making it easier for the society to spread the message of a clean and beautiful city.

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