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CBSE Master Trainers Workshop on “Gender Sensitivity”

The day began with an activity on identifying the various gender stereotypes that we have come across as girls/boys when we grew up. Dr. Seema Nair explained at length on ‘Awareness of Gender’ that helped us to clearly differentiate between SEX and GENDER and the society’s role in creating the stereotypes.

The role of power in Gender Relationships was discussed; the importance of having Gender Equity over Gender Equality was explained with a practical example. Terms like Gender gap, gender relations, gender roles and gender stereotypes was explained. The many problems that women face today was due to the role of power in Gender relationships were discussed.

The next session emphasized on interventions that could be made in our schools and by the management in order to make the school and the students more ‘Gender Sensitive’.

A few video clips from Hindi movies and talk shows were showed in order to show the role of media in creating gender stereotypes.

The post lunch session had the various groups share ways and means in which they would help to make their own schools more gender sensitive, the various ides were then discussed and shared with all the other groups.

The concluding session emphasized on the general practices for promoting Gender Sensitivity in text books. The participants were then divided into groups based on the subjects they teach to review the text books and to identify ways in which we can neutralize the impact of gender stereotypes and be more gender sensitive while interacting and teaching our students.

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