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Career Guidance Workshop

‘DHEYA’ Career Labs, a Rotary club of Pradhikaran initiative, founded by Mr.Anand Desai , held a workshop for the parents and students of STD VIII, IX and X on 1st Aug 2015 in the multipurpose hall at VPMS, Lohegaon. Mr. Desai gave an insight into the different occupations in India, a total of 22,000 which are subdivided into 618 career families. He stressed on the importance of identifying one’s strength early on so that the first 18 years of our life are spent on education, and gathering knowledge is productive for the remaining 40 years of our working career.

Mr. Desai also spoke about the 13 factors that identify our qualities. He called for children with varying interests such as art, mathematics, sports and also children who are very talkative or silent and so on. He went on to suggest various careers based on their traits.

He also answered various queries raised by the parents and students. This was followed by a session where the students answered a questionnaire which would be judged and a detailed report of each child would be sent to their email.

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