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Arty Smarty Workshop

On 3rd October 2015 a workshop ‘I, ME, MYSELF’ was arranged for all the teachers of the School. It was conducted by Mrs. Sayali Shinde the founder of Arty Smarty Kids Club along with Mrs. Dipika Manadhani

The session began with a brief introduction of the two resource persons, followed by a session on exploring oneself which spoke about one’s strengths and weaknesses, importance of self-image was touched upon by an activity where the participants draw an image of themselves as they see it in the mirror.

This was followed by a group activity which emphasized on the importance of each member in the group and as to how each one is an integral part of this world and plays an important role to complete it.

Some games were also played which could be used as stress busting techniques.

The second half of the session emphasized on prioritizing ones responsibilities and relationships. The session ended with a short meditation session ‘Bhamri’

It was a different experience for all the teachers and helped them realize and relieve the stress that they may have being going through.

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