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Art and Music Activity – December 2015


“Creativity is the Power to connect to the seemingly Unconnected” this quote was experienced by all the students from Std I to Std XII who enthusiastically participated in the fun filled creative activities planned for them in the month of December which was celebrated as ‘ Art and Music month” for the VPMS Silver Jubilee Year 2015-16. They had the opportunity to connect to their inbuilt talent and imagination thus executing them through visuals. Innovative activities were planned for each week i.e 1st week of Dec. “Origami week” was observed where all the students from Std I to VIII participated. Inter class Origami Competition was conducted. The best works were beautifully displayed on the lawn of the school. 2nd week we had colorful canvases displayed of students of Std VI to Std IX who studied the works of different artists like M.F. Hussian, Raza, Picasso, Monet, Van gogh, Jamini Roy by making replicas of their paintings. It was a visual treat to the eyes to see the rediscovered hidden talent showcased by the students with such beautiful canvas paintings done by them. Creativity is Intelligence having fun, as said by Einstein, it seemed so true after witnessing the enthusiasm of the students who decorated the house boards with Orgami as the topic. Its Origin, History, Types , Mathematics and origami etc.

Other innovative and fun filled activities by Std VI was Madhubani Painting , Std V- face Painting, Std II Marble Printing, Std VII -Rajasthani mirror Murals,Std VIII- Innovative Tile Mosaic,Std VIII- Mirror Decoration , Std III- Best out of Waste , Std I Origami .

We had workshop conducted for Std IX students on Parchment Art. Besides Interhouse competition was conducted with theme “Window Display’ of Best out of Waste Articles.

Ohhh !!!! And not just that, but Art could be seen even in delicious food! Students of Std V enjoyed “ food art ‘ where they used edible stuff to create something new eg. Eklairs used to make a necklace, sofa set out of jam and biscuits, vegetables and fruits to create insects etc.. Wow…. ! and yummy chocolaty Photo Frames too , It was so much fun !!!

What a lovely , creative and fun way of ending the last month of the year 2015, which set a new stimulus to many who discovered their talent, to continue on this creative journey in 2016 through Art.


“Nothing in life is constant, but change”. These words become prophetic as we witness the school celebrate its Silver Jubilee Year. The quest for excellence in academics and co-curricular activities, the thirst for knowledge and the desire to achieve greater glory has constantly motivated us. This has also ensured that we continue to take strides forward in our various endeavors.

As part of the Silver Jubilee Year celebrations, the month of December 2015 was observed as Art & Music Month. We at VPMS have always believed that fun-filled learning through art, craft, songs, music and dance are also vitally important in the childhood years and crucial for healthy, emotional, social, physical and cognitive development of children. Hence this month was eventful and filled with myriad activities. From participation by students of Std. I upwards to our teachers and invited renowned guest artistes, this month had it all. Appended below are details of the various music related activities that were conducted during this month :-

The first week of the month commenced on 1st December with the First Assembly highlighting the importance of Art & Music in everyday life. The next day a prayer “Saraswati Stotra” was performed by the Students of Std. IV. On 3rd December, House Assemblies were conducted in all four houses and a violin recital by Ms. Yashshree Sabale of Std. IV C (Emerald house). In the other three houses, Students of Std. VII shared information on Indian classical dance. On 4th December, students of Std. IV & V sang an inspirational song “Padhenge Likhenge karenge accha kaam, Khelon mein bhi hum karenge ooncha naam”. This song highlighted the importance of sports and other co-curricular activities along with academics. This was followed by a Sitar performance (Raag Kedar) by our students Ms Neha Gondi (Std. III) and Mast. Mahesh Gondi (Std. V). The audience comprising of students and teachers were spellbound with their performance and motivated them with a huge round of applause. The Assembly on Saturday, 5th December was devoted to Late Pandit Bhimsen Joshi, renowned Indian classical vocalist. Information on his life and his huge contribution to music was shared.

The 2nd week started on Monday, 7th December with a performance by a noted flautist Shri Rohit Wankar. His soothing & melodious notes on the flute made the entire ambience in the ground spiritual and his jugalbandi with our Tabla teacher Mr Vivek Rathod entertained the audience. The Assembly on 9th December was focused on the popular “Warkari sect” of Maharashtra. Students of Std. V to IX performed the devotional song “Mauli Vithal” dedicated to Lord Vithal & Sant Dyaneshwar. On Thursday, 10th December house assemblies were conducted and students shared information and amazing facts on the lives of noted maestros of Indian music and dance. A special hymn (Western music) was sung by Students of Std. VI on 11th December, which was followed by a special song.

The 3rd week beginning on Monday, 14th December saw a path-breaking performance by 310 Students from Std. I to III. They sang the song “Har desh mein tu, har bhes mein tu, tere naam anek, tu ek hi hai”, which focused on the message that “There is one God, though we may call him by different names”. This was followed by a special drama & song by Students of Std. III dedicated to the hard work and support of our School helpers viz. kakas, maushis, gardeners, drivers etc. This unique initiative was appreciated and enjoyed by all.

Rabindra Sangeet was the focus of the Assembly held on 15th December and this comprised of a prayer song composed by Guru Rabindranath Tagore and was sung by our teachers Mrs Suchismita Mishra and Mrs Rajinder Kaur. On 16th December, Students of Std. IV & V performed Choir as part of the Western Music activity which was applauded by one and all. Our Western Music Teacher Mr Mazomlong Sir worked patiently to train the students to put up a great show. On the next day, 17th December, Ms Kavya Iyer, our Student of Std IV D gave a flawless performance on her violin by playing the popular hindi song “Dil hai chota sa, choti si asha”.

18th December was privileged to witness a superlative performance by the renowned sitarist Mrs Jyoti Thakar. At this programme, aptly titled “Ek kadam Shastriya Sangeet ki oar”, she mesmerized the audience with her wizardry on the sitar while her disciple Mr Justin Scarimbolo shared interesting nuggets on the popular instrument. A moving and inspiring piece at the end was the joint performance by Mrs Thakar and her grandson, our Student Mast. Mahesh Gondi (Std. V) which was enjoyed and applauded by everyone in the audience which included our Chairman Dr Ashok Vikhe Patil and our Principal Mrs Nandini Charles.

Monday, 21st December commenced with a prayer, which was followed by a classical dance (Tarana) by Students of Std. IX and choreographed by our dance teacher Mrs Swapna Bhirade. The colorful costumes, the rhythmic beats and the graceful moves by the dancers were wonderful to behold. This was followed by a presentation of soulful Christmas Carols by Students of Std. VII & VIII trained by our Western Music Teacher Ms Dumpy Panmei. The next performance on the agenda was a special rendition of the “Silver Jubilee Song” by all students from Std. I to XII trained by our Indian Music Teachers Mrs Rajinder Kaur & Mr Vivek Rathod. This power-packed performance was hugely enjoyed by one and all.

The focus of the month-end activity was a unique “Jingles Competition” for Students of Std. VIII. The themes given to them viz. “Save Water, Road Safety, Respect Women, Save Environment & Respect every Human being” made the students realize the importance of these critical issues and at the same time made them think of creative & innovative jingles on these themes. For Students of Std. V, the theme of their month-end activity was “Creating a Musical Instrument from Waste Material”. The children demonstrated their creative thinking and abilities by making various instruments like drum set, dafli, mouth organ, flute etc.

In addition to the above, various class activities were conducted during the month such as “Solo Singing Competition” with a focus on value based songs for Students of Std. IV to VI and the hugely popular “Show your Talent” activity which empowered students to highlight their talents in playing a musical instrument or singing. Another group activity was “House Boards”. This activity had the students putting up various interesting information relating to Music & Dance on their respective house boards.

One important aspect of this entire Art & Music Month was to ensure that each and every child gets an opportunity to participate and perform as per their abilities. This endeavor could not have been possible without the cooperation, guidance and support from our Principal, Vice Principal, Coordinators, Supervisors, Teachers, Support Staff and last but not the least, our talented & enthusiastic students.

Our quest for further improvement & excellence will always remain !!!!

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