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Archaeological workshop

The Department of Archaeology of the Deccan College Post Graduate and Research Institute had organised a workshop on 29th July 2016 on Archaeology and History. The workshop was attended by Seema Nair, Harmeet Raghuvanshi, Deepak .J and the students of Std. IX.

The objective of this workshop was to equip the teachers and students with theoretical and practical knowledge in archaeological exploration, excavation, conservation, preservation and the relationship of archaeology with branches of Sciences

In the first session Dr.A.P Jakhedkar (Chancellor of Deccan College) and Prof. V.S. Shinde (Vice Chancellor) spoke about the importance and the aim of the workshop. They also spoke about the importance of archaeology in the study of human evolution and importance of conserving and preserving our natural, built and cultural heritage.

During the workshop, participants got an opportunity to visit Prof.H.D. Sankalia Memorial Gallery, Stone Age Gallery , Chalcolithic Gallery, Megalithic Gallery , Early Historical Gallery, Sculpture Gallery, Epigraphy Gallery and Numismatic Gallery, and the Maratha History Museum of the Deccan College. Students saw the wall showcasing the changes since the Stone Era to the Modern Era. They learnt the about all the aspects of natural and manmade changes of various eras and how the art also changed during various time periods

In the second session, Prof. P. Joglekar, Prof. S. Deo, P. Sabale and Dr. S. Joshi spoke about the relationship of archaeology with branches of Sciences and also about the role of Scientific Laboratories in excavation, conservation, preservation and carbon dating of the findings.

In the last session the importance of Drawing and photography was highlighted in the study of archaeology.

The workshop proved to be very informative and useful for the teachers and the students. This workshop gave a new perspective of studying archaeology and history in relationship with branches of Science.

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