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Annual Science, Art & Craft, Projects Exhibition – Senior School 2016-17

The Senior School Annual Exhibition was held on 28th January 2017 and was inaugurated by the Principal Mrs. Mrinalini Bhosale. The exhibition showcased the work of students of STD VI to X. The Science and Math projects were exhibited in the AV room; SST, English, Hindi & Marathi work was kept in the composite lab and Art work was displayed in the Art Room. AV room was bustling with activity of eager and enthusiastic students giving out information to the inquisitive visitors about the various models displayed. Math section was quite interesting with various games on Probability, Integers, Data Analysis and Number system on display. Various concepts such as similar triangles, Pythagoras Property, Algebraic identities, Trigonometric identities were also explained in an innovative way. The Science exhibition saw various motors, Robot controlled devices, Mechanical rowing boats, Conversion of mechanical energy to electrical energy using a Cycle, Simple Electric Circuits Smart Speaker, Magneto-Electric Train, Auto Traffic Control using Relay, Vaccum Cleaner, Bubble Machine and many more.

The languages’ department showcased their exhibits in the 4 languages taught at School namely, Marathi, Hindi, French and English.Creativity abounded amidst the written work displayed. It came as essays, letters, write ups on sports personalities and so on. The language department also displayed beautiful Paper Mache work and models of Ships to integrate art and language.They also put up posters depicting social messages. The SST department focused on the Harappan Civilization, the Solar System and Cyclone models. The Composite lab was also painted to showcase different Weather Gauges, Wind and Pressure Belts, Types of rainfall and also the jewellery and toys from Harappan Civilization. The paintings were done by the students of STD VI and VII.

Exhibition at VPMS Lohegaon

The ART room dazzled with beautiful works of Art ranging from Lettering, Sketching, Memory drawing, Marble painting, Free hand, Design drawing, Print work, Landscapes, Imagine drawing, Thumb and Thread prints, Colour and Pencil shadings and Abstract work. The visitors also got a glimpse of the student’s talents through the live Tattoo making and Mehndi work.The PowerPoint presentation put up outside the art room gave an insight into the works of the students.

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