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Annual School Exhibition Std I – IX

The Annual School Exhibition was held on 9th February 2019. The exhibition was inaugurated by our Principal Ms Vinutha Ronurkar. The students of STD I to IX exhibited their work done through the year in various subjects like Science, Social Science, Mathematics, English, Hindi, Marathi, French and Art. The student’s ideas and efforts were outstanding. It was a complete celebration of their learning through the year. The secondary students displayed their work in the multipurpose hall and the primary section displayed their work in their respective classes.

Some amazing Science projects were put up by the students and the confidence they exuded while demonstrating spoke volumes of the hard work put in by the teachers, students and their parents. Science section saw various working models on Tesla Bulb, Li–fi , Hydraulic Pumps, various kinds of alarms, Conservation of Water, Preservation of Grains and various circuits. Projects based on Electromagnetic effect, Heat and Electricity, Push and Pull of Muscles were also on display.

There were various interesting Math games on display which saw wholehearted participation from the parents, teachers, students and even the ancillary staff.

Social Science Section had some beautiful models of Indian monuments, solar system and water cycle. A mini France was recreated with the French section showing the culture, cuisine and essence of France. Language section was also made interesting with models, scrap books, book reviews etc. There was some amazing art work also on display including mat painting, wind chimes, sketches and paintings and plethora of craft work done by the students.

The students of primary section along with their class teachers exhibited the year’s work in their classrooms. The purpose of the exhibition is to ingrain in students, a scientific and creative attitude and to make them comprehend the interdependence of science, technology and society with hands-on experience. The exhibition seeks to engage students and teachers to synergize experiences and motivate each other to design and develop something novel. These exhibits were attractive and colourful for they had been prepared and designed well by the students with guidance from their parents and teachers.

The unique craft work of each class was commendable. The primary classes looked vibrant and were full of innovative and creative work of the students. Each class had its unique essence and flavour which contributed in making the exhibition a great success. The Std III to V showcased moral values through puppet shows in their classes. They also demonstrated science experiments based on the topics done in their class.

The exhibition got a good response and was well appreciated by the parents.

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