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Annual Exhibition – Std I to V

The Annual Exhibition was held on Saturday 24th February, 2018 of STD I to STD V. The students along with their class teachers exhibit the year’s work in their classrooms. The purpose of the exhibition is to ingrain in students, a scientific and creative attitude and to make them comprehend the interdependence of science, technology and society with hands-on experience. The exhibition seeks to engage students and teachers to synergize experiences and motivate each other to design and develop something novel.

These exhibits were attractive and colourful for they had been prepared and designed well by the students with guidance from their parents and teachers.

The unique craft work with naturally dried flowers in STD IA was noticeable and caught everyone’s attention. The unusual and creative ‘Clay name plates’ of STD IB were appreciated by the parents. The Craft work in STD IC “Trees our friends’ was striking and set us thinking about the importance of trees in our life. 

The beautiful display of dancing dolls in STD IIA was dazzling and eye catching. The turkeys and the little birdie nests in Std II B were striking and a treat to the eyes. The paper cup Ganesha and the paper bowls tortoise in Std II C made us want to give it a try ourselves too.

The vegetable printing on the T-shirt in STD IIIA was some awesome piece of work. The cotton plant model in STD III B was very impressive. The display of flower baskets of STD IIIC was distinctive. The project on ‘Fractions’ were extraordinary.

The Math project on area and perimeter of the play ground in STD IVA was noteworthy. The Clay model of the denture in STD IV B distinctive. The replica of the ‘Tikona Fort’ in STD IV C was outstanding.

The ‘Mathemagic’ and the ‘Science corner’ of STD VA were commendable. The ‘Puppet show’ in STD VB was impressive. The visual representation of the story ‘The Snow white and the seven dwarves’ in STD VC were spectacular.

The efforts put in by each teacher to bring out the best in all the students was evident in the class displays. A lot of appreciation poured in from the parents too, regarding the hard work put in by students and teachers!!!

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