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Annual Exhibition (Primary Section 2017)

The Annual school exhibition of the Primary Section was held on 25th February 2017. The honor to inaugurate the class exhibition was given to the student who visited the class first.

The students displayed their creative, scientific and aesthetic talent showing innovative projects and working models meticulously put together. Painting, art and craft work of the students adorned the walls and tables.


The Cleanliness Kit and Project on Shelters of animals were very neatly displayed by Std I. The Collage made by the templates of palms and Button art of Std II were eye catching. The Project in English on Bravery Award by Std III was informative and instilled in the students a desire to help others.

The group activity of creating a human size doll in Std IV and the huge flowers of Std V grabbed the attention of all. The interesting activities conducted by the students in the Math and Science corners in these classes were appreciated by many. The Puppet show of Std V was another attraction of the exhibition.

The Principal and the parents appreciated the hard work put up by the students under the guidance of their teachers.

The Annual School Exhibition was indeed unique since it embraced analytical and artistic talents of our students.

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