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Annual Day 2016

VPMS Lohegaon, celebrated its 7th Annual Day and Prize Distribution function on 22nd October 2016. It was a magnificent and glittering event. The Chief Guest for the function was Retd. Major General Neeraj Bali, CEO of Pravara Education Society. Dr Ashok Vikhe Patil, Chairman of Dr Vikhe Patil Foundation and Ms Nandini , Joint Secretary of Dr Vikhe Patil Foundation also graced the occasion with their benign presence.

Guests at Annual Day

After the introductory speech by Mrs Nair, she, along with Mrs Bindu Manoharan, anchored the prize distribution. Prices were given away by the Chief Guest after which he addressed the gathering.

By then, the spectators were eager to see the cultural programme based on “Sammaan-Ek Umeed”, a true embodiment of the theme for this year- Respect.

Dealing with the dwindling value of respect in today’s society, VPMS endeavoured to bring forth the need to be respectful towards everything around us.

Every class was assigned an issue to be highlighted in the form of dances, songs or skits.

Std. 1 taught us the values represented by our National Flag and also to respect it.

Std. 2 enacted the general disrespect shown by people of today’s generation towards property, elders, etc.

Std. 3 brought out our mixed heritage and showed us how to respect it.

Std. 4 depicted the future consequences of continued diminishing of respect in the society.

Std. 5 taught us to respect sports and its values, as well as different vocations.

Std. 6 showed us to respect the nature around us.

Std. 7 highlighted the need to respect religion and maintain communal harmony.

Std. 8 showed us why and how to respect women.

Finally, Std. 9 and 10 depicted respect to the defence forces of our nation and also highlighted the four principles enshrined in the preamble to our constitution.

This splendid show, put up in a very short span of few days, was the fruit of team work by the entire VPMS Lohegaon, staff and students. At the end, a vote of thanks was proposed by Mrs Harmeet Raghuvanshi. The event concluded with the national anthem.

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