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Annual Day

Vikhe Patil Memorial School Lohegaon celebrated the Sixth Annual Day on Tuesday, 19thOctober, 2015 at 5:30 pm on the School Ground. The theme for this academic year: VALUE – VALOUR- VICTOR truly embodies the life of only one great man, we could think of who has been an ideal —– the Late Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam.

Dr. Kalam’s incredibly simple yet greatly influential life and work, inspired our Principal, Mrs. Mrinalini Bhosale on paying a tribute by portraying his life in the form of aMusical Drama on Annual Day. The class teachers were assigned with different events from his life to be depicted in the form of dances, songs and skits. To show a life so austere and simple in such a colourful manner, when the persona to be depicted is so large the guest to witness the programme also had to be of equal stature and who else would be more apt than Dr Kalam’s aide and person who co-authored three books with him, Shri Srijan Pal Singh. An Indian author, public speaker and social entrepreneur, the chief guest regaled the audience with anecdotes from Dr Kalam’s life as he shared his experiences. He also gave away prizes for General Proficiency, Subject Topper, Good Conduct and 100% Attendance.

The members of the Management, Dr Ashok Vikhe Patil, Chairman of Dr Vikhe Patil Foundation and Mrs Nandini Charles, Joint Secretary of Dr Vikhe Patil Foundation and Principal VPMS, Pune were also present for the function.The Managing Committee and the Chief Guest were welcomed by Mrs Swapna Nair and felicitated by our Principal. The lighting of the lamp was done by the Head Boy Akash Chettiyar and Sports Captain Saloni Kullar. Bouquets were then presented to the dignitaries. After the introductory speech by Mrs. Swapna Nair, she, along with Mrs. Bindu Manoharan, anchored the prize distribution, after which the Chief Guest Shri Srijan Pal Singh and the Chairman Dr. Ashok Vikhe Patil addressed the gathering.

By then, the spectators were eager to see the cultural program, “I AM KALAM”. The entire programme flowed seamlessly depicting different events from the life of Dr Kalam apart from the opening dance, which was performed on a semi-devotional song, portraying Goddess Durga, presented by Std VIII. The flawless performance ensured the audience that their evening would be a memorable one.

Std I showcased Dr. Kalam’s early life; his birth, his village, his family. Std II showed his school life and the impact of the seagulls on his dream of becoming a pilot. These two performances gave the audience an insight into Dr. Kalam’s early life, which very few people know about.

Std III told us how Dr. Kalam had learned the lesson of religious tolerance when his friendship with a Hindu child was questioned. This is what had turned him into the humble and tolerant man we knew.

Std IV took us into his college life and the place where he learnt to recognize his dreams, some of which are still our responsibility to fulfill.

Std V brought out his work at DRDO, how he was able to motivate scientists and launched the first successful missile. This was a visual treat for the audience as the technical team of the school literally had a handcrafted missile being launched at the precise moment!!! This would always be a memorable part of the program as there was a thunderous applause when the missile took off!

Std VI threw light upon his other contributions that brought sunshine into the lives of common people like the Callipers and Cardiac stent which changed the lives of polio affected children where he customized this medical equipment using his military intelligence. They even brought to the fore his connection with our Chairman, Dr Ashok Vikhe Patil whom he had met at Loni, Goa and New Delhi and with whom he worked on the PURA model which was very successful in Loni.

Std VII highlighted the failures he encountered which acted as a stepping stone to his success. This proved to be the emotional crux of the program as the children presented to the audience the powerful impact of the death of Vikram Sarabhai, both his parents and how Dr. Abdul Kalam rose from the ashes of these disasters like a Phoenix, and went on to struggle through life’s trials with a renewed vigour and strength.

Std IX and X glorified the honors he received as a President. This revealed his tenure and the impressionable influence he had, not only on the youth of our nation, but worldwide! Perhaps attempted for the first time by any school, this was portrayed through a remarkable shadow dance. The finale dance was presented by Std IX and X.

The Annual show was put up in a short span of 23 days which was the fruit of team work and hard work on the part of the whole VPMS, Lohegaon students and staff which was acknowledged by Mrs. Bindu Manoharan, the Primary Section Coordinator in her vote of thanks. The program concluded with the Silent National Anthem.

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