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Activity reports – June 2019

Month End Activities

Class I – Blow Painting

To develop the artistic skills in the students, Blow painting activity was conducted for class 1 on 29th of June 2019. The students were provided with the necessary material like page, straws and colors. They were guided by the in charge teachers of the activity. The activity helped students to showcase their creativity and aesthetic skills.

Classes II to X – Plantation Drive –In order to sensitize students towards the need to preserve our environment and ecology , Tree Plantation Drive was organized on Saturday 29th of June 2019. Around 180 saplings were planted by the students in the recently purchased empty plot near school campus. Appropriate areas were identified and digged along the proposed roadside. Students from VI to X enthusiastically in The Arbor Plantation Drive. Simpler irrigation system using water bottles and tubes was incorporated by the students to help the saplings sustain delayed monsoon. 

Each student along with the teacher adopted a sapling and promised to take care as the it grows into a tree. It is a small initiative taken towards the beginning of beautiful Green Revolution. What could be a better gift to our Planet! 

We as a team are doing our part by planting trees to increase oxygen supply improve the planet green cover and enhance our lives.


Master Chef club- 


The master chef club activity gives students an opportunity to bring out their passion through food variations, presentation skills and creativity. They also get acquainted with the nutritious value of different cuisines.

The students displayed their innovative skills by collecting recipes of healthy and nutritious dishes. Students were divided in group of 5-6. They brought different recipes with proper steps, ingredients and proportions. The activity helped the students to understand the benefits of eating healthy food. 

Heritage Club


The main objective of the activity conducted in the Heritage club is to inculcate a sense of pride in the unique Heritage and Culture diversity of India. It also so helps to know our roots better and appreciate the interconnectedness between past, present and future.

On 22 June, 2019, as a part of Heritage Club activity, movie on the life of Bal Gangadhar Tilak was shown to the students. Prior to the movie, information was given regarding the contribution of Tilak in Indian Independence movement, Indian National Congress, women’s issues and social contributions. Students expressed their opinions and the session concluded by solving of questionnaire. 

Art club


To develop creative and artistic imagination and to incorporate essential skills for social and cultural growth. 

Paper Art was planned and . As per the instructions students had brought newspapers, color papers, glitters, markers, etc. They showcased their creativity and aesthetic skills by preparing different articles and designed photo frames etc. The activity enhanced skills like self presentation, teamwork and collaboration, time management and organizational skills. It also nurtured and built up hidden talents along with academic skills. 

Eco Club


To empower the students to participate and take up meaningful environmental activities and projects.

It is the best way in which students can reach out to influence their parents and neighborhood communities to promote sound environmental behavior. The activity was conducted based on Energy conservation. Students prepared various posters and slogans to spread awareness regarding importance of Energy Conservation. 

Mathematics Club Activity Objective

The main objective of the activity was to explore mathematics beyond textbooks and apply it in day to day situation. 

The Mathematics club conducted activities which enhanced the ability of the students to solve challenging questions and riddles. The teachers encouraged the students to be more creative by organizing puzzles and quizzes in an attempt to provide opportunities for experiential learning to the students.  

The students were divided in three groups as Ramanujan, Aryabhatta and Pythagoras for the activity .The quiz consisted of different rounds like question framing round, rapid fire, puzzles, double trouble and magic wand, etc. The in charge teacher examined the performance of each group in the light of parameters as coordination, accuracy and time management. Life skills like critical thinking, logical reasoning, interpersonal relationship and decision making were observed.

Science club activity report

Date: 22nd June, 2019

Objective: To gather information related to movement in plants in comparison with Animals through a documentary video of plants. As animals show movements for their survival in accordance with growth, search of food, signals passed through body organs, reproduction, etc. In the same way plants also resembles the same as like the animals. They too show the movements for their proper growth, getting nutrients from the soil, reproduction process, etc.

 Video also comprises of how the cameras are established in the soil with new technique so that study of movements of roots could become more enhancing for the students. Students observed Unseen movements of plant, purpose of gases released by plants and were quite interested for further studies.

Field visit –

Field visit was arranged for classes 4 and 5 Sahyadri nursery, Astagaon. The main objective of the field visit was to make students aware of different variety of flowers, grouping of flowers, different kinds of plant, stages in germination of seed, growing new plants by vegetative propagation and advanced cultivation techniques used to grow plants and vegetables. 

48 students of Class IV and 50 students of Class V visited the nursery along with the Class Teachers. Various activities were conducted for the students to gain practical knowledge about botany. 

Teacher’s training- 

Exceed Teacher’s training was conducted on 15th of July 2019 in the afternoon session. Introduction to the new trends of teaching learning process was done to make learning more effective. The resource person Mr. Raghunandan focused on the three main domains of classroom teaching which are conceptual understanding, problem solving and communication with the students. He also guided the teachers about time management, classroom control and various activities for interactive lectures. 

In the later part of the session, teachers shared the challenges faced in the class and discussion of the remedies over it took place. Mr. Raghunandan explained in detail about the lesson plan and how to implement it in class practically through micro teaching. The training session was very interactive and informative. 

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