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Activities – October 2016

Dashara Celebration

To inculcate good hobbits and values among the children, teacher presented a small activity in the school assembly on 11 October 2016 to signify Dashara. Mr. Gadhave host the programme and explained the significance of Dashara with the help of teachers presentation .Teacher prepared masks of Ravana and some strips of bad qualities of him. Teachers stood with bad qualities of Ravana like dishonesty, carelessness, greediness, irregularity conflict etc. and put them into dust bin. After putting these bad qualities in dust bin, teachers stood with the strips of good values & qualities like punctuality, kindness, honesty, regularity etc. He inspire the children to inculcate good qualities and leave the bad habit on the occasion of Dashara.

Birth Anniversary of Late Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam:

As a tribute to Late Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, the former President of India, Little Flower school had organized Different activities like Collage work , Rally and Greeting card making activity on 15th October, 2016 to celebrate his birth anniversary.

Collage work

‘Collage work ‘activity was conducted for the students of std. I, II and III. In charge teachers guided the students and gave a stipulated time of one hour to complete the activity. Students used their innovative ideas and prepared various thing like missile, aircraft, rocket etc. Each child participated with great interest and tried to prove the best by preparing his /her collage work. This activity helped them to develop their creativity, thinking and artistic skills. Students enjoyed the activity.

Greeting card making activity

‘Greeting card making’ activity was conducted for the students of class VII and VIII on 15th October,2016 It was told to the students one day before to bring inspirable poems, slogans, quotes, pictures, newspaper articles on his life to prepare greeting cards. . In charge teacher divided the students into different groups and guided them about activity. Students used their innovative ideas &creativity and prepared beautiful greeting cards by writing his poems, messages and quotations. The in charge teachers judged the presentation of each group as per the criteria like richness of content, creativity, decoration aesthetic skills.


TO make the people aware about environmental pollution due to burning fire crackers during Diwali festival, the school had organized rally for the classes IV, V and VI in the locality of Loni. In charge teachers prepared posters and guided the students regarding discipline and slogans presentation. Students started rally from utility complex to the market place. They were very energetic and enthusiastic while saying the slogans like No pollution is the best solution, don’t burst crackers, save environment, Hamari dharti hum hi bachaye bina patake Diwali manaye etc. The people in the locality showed positive feedback through their expression and snapping the photographs. Even the rally made the children realize about environmental pollution due to burning fire crackers.

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