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Activities – July 2016




To channelize students’ interest in science the teacher had directed the students a week before to collect science related amazing facts, information and pictures. As per the suggestion, the students collected various facts, rich and appropriate information through different sources as reference books, newspapers and magazines and shared the same with the club members very enthusiastically during the activity hour. The teacher solved the queries raised by the students and concluded the activity throwing light on the most important and significant aspects of Science. This activity could help the students to gain a good deal of scientific knowledge.




The students of Maths Club were divided into four groups consisting eight students in each group. They participated enthusiastically in the activity -“Measure up.” As per the instructions by the In charge teacher, the students found the height, stretched arm length and weight of their groups members. From the obtained information, they prepared tabular data of average height, percentage of students with squared and rectangular body shapes and their Body Mass Index. The pupils were able to produce accurate measurements by using their mathematical skills, application of appropriate formulae. They learnt to obtain accurate information about their health. The in-charge teacher examined the performance of each group in the light of the parameters as presentation, co-ordination, accurate measurement and time management.



To discuss the need to preserve our cultural heritage, debate activity was conducted for the students of the Heritage Club on the topic ‘Should we preserve India’s Cultural Heritage? ’. The in- charge teacher divided the students into four groups as A,B,C and D & asked A& B groups to speak for the motion and C &D against the motion. The students participated with great interest and argued convincingly. The in charge teachers were highly impressed by the excellent oratory skills of the participants. This activity was very interactive & knowledgeable. It helped students to develop awareness about the Indian cultural heritage and ethics. It also helped to identify the tools that can be used to help communities to better understand and conserve their heritage.



The Club conducted Picture Reading Activity for its Club members who were provided pictures from newspapers related to the current scenario in India such as water crisis, traffic jam, cleanliness of public places, deforestation etc. The in charge teacher interpreted one as per the criteria announced and by asking the students to give their inputs. They were asked to study the given pictures and describe them after pasting on ruled papers. The students followed the criteria which included richness of content, fluency, creativity and grammatical accuracy. They found the activity very interesting as it was based on the day to day problems faced by the people of India. They enjoyed writing independently and freely describing the problems, and sharing remedies for the same. Finally the teacher asked them to them read out their beautiful creations and appreciated for their creativity and innovative ideas and made necessary suggestions wherever required. The students marched successfully towards the objective of creative writing.



Our Eco club conducted tree-plantation activity in the school campus. The Club In-charge teacher divided the students into four groups and assigned the work of digging pits, planting saplings and watering them. Before the plantation the teacher introduced the students with the available plant species, stated their importance and the scientific way of planting them. The teacher allotted specific area to each group and supervised the activity. The students prepared pits and planted the saplings properly. They performed the activity effectively under the guidance of the teacher. This activity helped the students to develop an awareness about the god given environment.



To enhance the knowledge of balanced and nutritious diet, the Chef Club had organized a guest lecture on ‘Nutritious diet’ for its members. The resource person Mrs. Namrata Sachdev explained the students the nutritive value of raw food and its importance in the mental and physical health. She gave a demo of preparing a few dishes like wheat frankie, cucumber rita and fruit delight using wheat roti, sauce, cucumber, potato, tomato, apple, banana, onion etc. She explained the process and guided the students about handling the equipment and precautions to be taken. She also discussed the recipes of the dishes that are commonly prepared in most houses. After explain the nutritional importance of each of the commonly used ingredients, she answered the queries raised by the students. The students found the activity very fruitful.



To develop the interest and sharpen the students’ creative and artistic skills ‘Book Mark Activity’ was conducted for classes I, II and III. The In charge teachers gave necessary instructions and guided the students regarding activity. Using their knowledge and skills the students prepared different types of beautiful ‘Book marks’. They used ice cream sticks, cartoon pictures, lace and other decorative material like beads and bindis. This activity helped the students to develop their thinking, creative and artistic skills. The winners of the activity were declared on the basis of the criteria like creativity, material used and decoration.


To understand the nutritive value of different vegetables and fruits in our daily diet Vegetable Day Activity was organized for the students of std. IV and V. As suggested, the students brought different types of vegetables and fruits to prepare salad. The in-charge teacher divided the students of each class into four groups as A, B, C &D and told them to prepare salad dish by using the fruits and vegetables they brought. Each group prepared salad successfully and decorated their dishes beautifully using their innovative ideas. Each group representative explained the process, the quantity of ingredients used in the dish and their nutritive value in daily diet. The winners of the activity were declared as per the criteria like preparation, cleanliness decoration, and participation.


In order to make the children aware of the reuse of waste material and give them a lesson on reducing the wastage of our resources, 3 R’s -Reduce, Recycle and Reuse Activity was conducted for the VI to VIII classes. The little hands and imaginative minds came together in a creative burst of energy with items that can be recycled and reused like cd’s, ice-cream sticks, plastic bottles, scissors, colour paper etc. In charge teacher gave a stipulated time of one hour to the students to use their innovative ideas in preparing various beautiful objects. The students prepared very decorative & useful objects and realized how the resources can be saved. This activity helped the children to develop their creative, artistic and thinking skills.


This month end the school conducted Talent Hunt Activity for class IX and X students to provide them a platform to showcase their hidden talent. As per the given instructions, the students had come prepared with different activities along with the required props and equipment. Most of the students showed their eagerness to display their skills either in group or solo performances. The presentation of self- composed poems, singing , dancing , narrating funny incidents, telling jokes, mimicry of film actors, T.V. stars and political leaders were the different activities performed by the students. As these activities were conducted with class IX and X together, there was a good competition and a true spirit of performance. However the best performers of the day were Vedant Gadhave –of IX [Dance] and Manish More of Class IX [Recitation of Self-composed poem] .This activity helped to bring out the hidden talent and sharpen their skills.




The students were elected in a democratic manner by the house members of classes V to X. The students contested for the positions such as Head Boy, Head Girl, House Captain, Vice -Captain and Prefects. The contestants had been informed a week earlier about the elections so that they could campaign for their respective positions. On the day of the election, the contestants were given a chance to express their views on how they could bring about a positive change in the school environment.

The results of the elections were declared the next day. Master Vedant Gadhave of class IX and Miss Shruti Vikhe of class X got the honour of being the Head Boy and Head Girl of the school. Master Prasad Kale of class X and Miss Shrushti Gawade of class IX were honoured as the Sport Captains (Boy and Girl) of our school. The elected students were honoured with badges by the Principal Mrs. Swati Kharde. The students took oath and pledged to discharge their duties to the best of their abilities. The elected students were also congratulated by the House Masters and Mistresses and the Sports teachers. The elected members of the council expressed their sincere thanks to all those who gave their valuable votes and shared their plans for enriching the school environment through their speeches. 

Finally, the Principal congratulated and gave best wishes to the newly elected council members.

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